Teramind Enterprise Behavior Analytics & Business Intelligence Solutions Provider Launches New Certification Program

From SOC Analysts to HR Executives, Teramind Program Offers Courses for Community, Partners & Customers to Enhance Industry Knowledge and Best Practices

Teramind, a leading global solutions provider of behavior analytics, business intelligence, and data loss prevention (“DLP”) to help enterprise and government organizations to boost productivity, optimize workflows, and mitigate insider threats, announced the launch of its new certification program, Teramind Academy. The new program will offer in-depth instruction for those looking to extend their operational knowledge of the robust Teramind platform and become experts in their professions with insights into the newest industry tools and best practices.

Evolving Business Climate Drives Skill Development, Requires New Knowledge to Standardize Hybrid & Remote Work Environments

Businesses too often invest in technologies to enhance their systems, but lack the functionality acumen to exhaust their benefits. A Deloitte study recently revealed 67% of managers and executives aren’t comfortable accessing or using data analytics tools, leaving businesses unable to reach their data-driven potential. From security to productivity, this outcome is further compounded as a challenge as companies continuously navigate the ever-changing dynamics of remote and hybrid teams.

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As a business intelligence and behavior analytics endpoint monitoring provider serving thousands of the leading enterprise and government organizations around the world, Teramind has cutting edge insights and visibility into emerging trends. Leveraging this expertise, the company has created and launched a certification program that gives its partners, users and other operators interested to learn the opportunity to receive thorough training on harnessing the platform to corner their industry.

The courses focus on topics ranging from mastering Teramind’s features for specific sector needs like behavioral analytics for promoting productivity in human resources to creating contextual telemetry for security operators to using business intelligence to streamline workflows and increase revenues. Upcoming courses are being launched monthly for SOC analysts, HR professionals, business department leaders, IT and cybersecurity experts and teams leading compliance requirements in highly regulated industries.

Data Analytics Becoming A Core Business Function

Although companies continue to struggle to gain fully data-informed perspectives, businesses are adopting new data-driven strategies at a breakneck pace. A study performed by the data strategist firm NewVantage Partners found that 92% of respondents are accelerating their data initiatives and increasing their data investments.

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“We’ve personally experienced the exponential growth seen in the data analytics field over the last year by organizations who want to achieve greater operational efficiency and productivity and strengthen their security operations through data insights,” said Isaac Kohen, VP of R&D at Teramind. “But what we’re discovering is that these same businesses have room to grow when getting the most out of the software they use and really taking advantage of the data available to them.”

Rather than limit the access to its certification program to only those actively using the software, Teramind opted for a wide release to empower anyone using monitoring data in their industries and ventures to learn more about the software leading in business intelligence with behavior analytics and endpoint monitoring. On the value of these in-depth insights, Kohen added, “It’s crucial for organizations to realize just how powerful data can be. Teramind’s robust capabilities do just as much for productivity and workflow efficiency as they do for security operations like data loss prevention and insider threat detection.”

The data businesses collect is invaluable to decision making; but some reports say up to 73% of the data collected by companies goes unused.

To help businesses understand how far that data can take them, Teramind also publishes industry-specific use cases highlighting how companies from healthcare to finance have used data analytics to improve their systems.

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