SysAid Unveils Service Center for non-IT Teams to Rid the World of “Hey, Did You Get My Email?”

Coronavirus has magnified all the reasons why email is a bad way to manage employee requests. SysAid offers free Service Center to help HR, finance, and other departments ditch the inbox.

 SysAid, a leading provider of IT and enterprise service management solutions, launched Service Center, a solution that helps business departments aggregate, track, and fulfill employee requests. SysAid launched Service Center to spare departments from using email to manage internal services during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Service Center is free forever and will help HR, finance, and other non-IT departments ditch the inbox, speed up service, and boost employee productivity.

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In an office, employees could walk down the hall to ask, “Hey, did you get my email?” Those days are over due to Coronavirus—and were never desirable in the first place. This question was stark evidence that service workflows weren’t consistent or dependable. The problems with managing service through email have only intensified as requests about safety, health benefits, and remote work flood the inboxes of HR, finance, procurement and other departments.

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So, SysAid developed Service Center to help organizations manage these request workflows outside the office. Modeled on the ticketing platforms, used by over 2,500 SysAid customers for non-IT workflows, Service Center is an easy-to-use, simplified platform that enables departments to:

  • Aggregate requests from multiple sources, including email, Slack messages, and phone calls into a single team queue.
  • Automatically prioritize employee requests and issues, and automatically route them to the most appropriate team members for follow-up.
  • Provide real-time transparency into the status of service requests.
  • Fulfill employee requests on time and auto-escalate those that are at risk of becoming overdue.
  • Analyze and report on incoming requests and issues to measure the department’s performance and impact on employee productivity.

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