SysAid Survey Reveals a Strong Correlation Between Appreciation and Wellbeing in ITSM Organizations

SysAid’s ITSM Future-Readiness Survey explores the greatest opportunities and challenges facing the IT industry

SysAid, a leading provider of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, released the results of the ITSM Future-Readiness Survey at the Service Desk Institute (SDI) Conference in Birmingham, England. The survey, conducted in partnership with, asked questions about the current opportunities and challenges in ITSM. 339 ITSM professionals submitted responses, which revealed some important insights on the industry.

1.  Employee appreciation, wellbeing, and recruiting are critical challenges in ITSM

  • There’s a correlation between appreciation and wellbeing. 55% of ITSM pros said that working in IT is adversely affecting their personal wellbeing. 75% of that cohort feels undervalued.
  • 84% of respondents think that working in IT will get harder over the next three years, yet 72% feel that their work is undervalued to some extent.
  • Three-quarters of respondents state that it’s currently difficult to recruit for key IT roles.

Don’t be too alarmed: A 2019 survey by the software developer TINYpulse finds that across industries, only 26% of employees feel highly valued. That’s on par with SysAid and’ findings. Recruiting is challenging in all industries, not just ITSM. A 2018 Monster Survey found that 67% of recruiters say their job is more difficult than it was five years ago. In other words, ITSM is average in terms of its HR issues.

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2.  AI is taking off, but not at the pace one might expect

  • 9% of respondents already use chatbots and other virtual agents, and another 29% are experimenting with them.
  • Just 9% of respondents view artificial intelligence (AI) as a serious job killer in ITSM, compared to 16% in 2017, suggesting that AI will help ITSM pros, not replace them

Despite the hype, more organizations avoid chatbots than embrace them – at least for now. Fewer ITSM pros view AI as a threat, perhaps because they see AI (and automation in general) as a time saver that can handle repetitive tasks and help them prioritize more important incidents.

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3.  ITSM pros are confident in their work, especially if they feel valued

  • 25% of respondents think that their IT organization meets employee expectations better than consumer-world companies. 28% think they’re at a similar level, and 40% think that they lag behind.
  • There’s a correlation between IT staff receiving recognition and believing they meet or exceed service expectations.

Perhaps ITSM pros who feel valued at work are more likely to believe that they meet or exceed employee expectations. Or, maybe those who do meet expectations receive more praise and recognition. It’s hard to say which way causation flows.

“As a long-time partner to IT professionals, our team strives to make technologies that help IT admins accomplish more and automate lower-level ticket issues,” said CEO Sarah Lahav. “Our takeaway from the Future-Readiness survey is that greater investments in time-saving AI and automation can free IT professionals to focus more on the complex tasks that make them feel appreciated and motivated at work.”

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