Stefanini Supports Acosta to Revamp the Workplace User Experience

Improved service benefits more than 25,000 employees by embracing new automation and analytics tools

Stefanini, a $1 Billion global IT provider, partnered with Acosta, a full-service sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, to revamp Acosta’s workplace user experience through field service operations and expanding the automation platform. The solution is tailored for unique users, both in and out of the office, by embracing new automation and analytics tools. By combining Stefanini’s excellence in ITSM execution with its innovative approach, the solution benefits more than 25,000 employees, both in and out of the office, by embracing new automation and analytics tools.

“Stefanini is going above and beyond saying we just want to be able to provide any kind of technical support we can,” said Brice Garcia, senior vice president of IT Infrastructure. “That’s what partnership is all about.”

Partnership to Disrupt

In 2015, Acosta began searching for a trends technology partner to help them overcome the challenge of engaging their large number of remote workers. The company employs more than 25,000 people, with approximately 15,000 remote users using tablets in the field at client locations. Acosta wanted a partner to provide the right technology, as well as the support structure to accommodate service issues. Along with poor levels of service and a steep price, their previous partner did not offer the full 24/7 support Acosta needed.

“We leveraged our global delivery capabilities to design a collaborative solution that allowed the Acosta Service Desk Services to expand in order to meet the needed 24/7 coverage, up from basic business hours,” said Scott Kessler, vice president of workplace and enterprise services at Stefanini.

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In 2018, Stefanini was awarded expanded services for Acosta, including remote support services, North America deskside services, software package management, and ServiceNow with the company’s innovative TotalCare solution. Stefanini’s partner approach to solution design and flexibility in delivering services has ultimately created a more uniform and predictable IT support experience for Acosta, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Planned Value Added Services

Stefanini has included all licensing for Sophie, its omni-channel virtual assistant. Sophie is helping to improve the customer experience for the Acosta team, automating numerous tasks and integrating with Acosta’s IT infrastructure. Sophie 3.0, the latest version of Sophie, brings new tools to update her knowledge to quickly integrate her with other systems, platforms and websites, taking about half the time of competitors and in most cases half the price.

She incorporates a wide knowledge base with the ability to learn and adapt, converting data into valuable solutions. Sophie operates with Stefanini’s d3 data analytics tool to create a better customer experience. Stefanini d³ is an innovative solution designed to power business productivity by delivering an excellent end-user experience. The tool collects and analyzes performance metrics on endpoint systems, providing support teams a view of performance issues to better diagnose problems. In many cases, it allows service teams to fix issues before they impact users with proactive monitoring and automation.

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“You end up wowing your customers when you reach out to them and say, ‘Hey I noticed your battery is about to die so let’s get that replaced before it causes you a problem,’” said Garcia.

Embracing Digital Transformation

Acosta and Stefanini are looking to the future and where the partnership can make an impact on business objectives.

“When you look at Stefanini’s solutions, they are clearly things we’re looking to do to be proactive,” said Garcia. “But I think there is a next step beyond that with some of the assisted shelf-facing tools for field workers, and how we might leverage some of the Sophie technology in order to interact with the associates in the store.”

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Stefanini’s Director of R&D Fabio Caversan added, “We’re excited for what we can do with Acosta in the future, such as incorporating all the benefits of the latest version of Sophie and dinto their business solutions, providing the technology to make better decisions in the stores for their customers.”

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