SmartLinx Launches Message Center to Streamline Staff Scheduling and Promote Two-Way Communications

The new workforce solution empowers operators to get the right people in the right place at the right time

SmartLinx Solutions, a leader in workforce management solutions for post-acute care and senior living organizations, introduced SmartLinx Message Center, an SMS platform that facilitates real-time, two-way employee communication on a centralized, easy-to-use platform.

SmartLinx Message Center will help organizations leverage real-time, two-way communication to address employee needs, improve productivity, and resolve critical issues, such as staffing gaps. With the SmartLinx Message Center, managers never miss an important message. A message icon on each screen alerts them of new messages while at-a-glance message threads and audit trails keep them fully informed.

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Using Message Center to solve staffing challenges

Properly staffing facilities represents senior care operators’ most pressing challenge. Every day inefficient and disjointed scheduling communication exasperate this problem as operators strive to fill open shifts. SmartLinx Message Center immediately connects managers and employees to key staffing information and facilitates two-way, real-time messaging, so they can easily work together to fill scheduling gaps.

For example, SmartLinx helps automatically alert s select employees of open shifts and then collects, sorts, and presents responses, generating clear audit trails for all messages. SmartLinx Message Center sorts and organizes all SMS text messages and consolidates them in easy-to-access threads.

“SmartLinx Message Center exemplifies our commitment to equipping senior care operators with the tools they need to resolve communication gaps and staffing inefficiencies before they turn into big problems,” said SmartLinx CEO Marina Aslanyan. “We designed this solution to simplify two-way employee communication and quickly fill open shifts, by providing a one-stop shop for all SMS texts and clear audit trails.”

Because SmartLinx Message Center enables administrators to see all employee texts in one place and highlights new and unread texts as soon as they appear, they’ll never miss another message or waste time searching through message threads again.

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Key benefits:

  • Closing open shifts faster and easier by notifying managers of shift change requests as well as enabling multiple managers to view open shift threads and shift swap requests at-a-glance.
  • Facilitating real-time two-way communication that lets employees easily message management if they’re running late, have a problem, a payroll request, or need an immediate answer from HR, schedulers, payroll, and management.
  • Fostering a more engaged workforce by promoting direct, real-time communication between managers, schedulers, supervisors, and employees.
  • Improved efficiency through full visibility, highlighted incoming messages, and at-a glance audit trails.
  • Eliminating siloes by enabling managers to view and share threaded messages from employees with other authorized managers so they can fill shifts faster.
  • More secure communications by storing all SMS threads and history on a secure cloud platform.

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