Scout Talent Recruitment Experts Launches Executive CEO/CFO/COO Hiring Services

Scout Talent (+1-628-377-0500), a recruitment services and software firm with offices in California, US, has launched a new talent-hiring service for executive-level staff.

Their new branch is devoted to assisting clients to secure the finest candidates for all senior management positions, including CEOs, CFOs and COOs.

The announcement coincides with the latest study from LinkedIn, which indicated that the median recruitment process in 2021 was 49 days, often longer for senior positions.

Scout Talent knows that this lengthy downtime holds significant disadvantages for companies of all sizes and in all industries, which is why they are particularly proud to launch their new executive services.


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The recruitment experts understand that in-house recruitment processes cause a significant drain on key HR and managerial staff. Many salaried hours are lost from the initial stage of ad writing and placement, from screening the resumes of applicants to conducting interviews, follow-up interviews, reference checks, negotiating contracts, and more.

Moreover, in a year that the Harvard Business Review has termed the ‘Great Resignation’, with turnover rates in excess of 30% across the board, the lengthy and costly recruitment process does not always result in securing a candidate who will stay for the long term.

As such, Scout Talent offers firms assistance every step of the way, from the first critical step of marketing and candidate attraction. Using their innovative tailored advertising and digital headhunting software and strategies, the recruitment experts promise their clients access to the most competitive and skilled pool of applicants.

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From there, they partner their expert team with their expert technology to efficiently and intelligently screen, shortlist, and select the talent that will be the best fit, both personally and professionally, for their clients.

Scout Talent has been a renowned name in recruitment for over 13 years and has successfully placed more than 5,000 key employees for over 400 clients.

A spokesperson for the recruitment experts said, “With tailored, easy-to-use systems and the best support team you’ll ever work with, Scout Talent makes your life easier. If people are your top priority, then we are a proven solution and a genuine talent partner that works together with you to meet your recruitment needs.”

Scout Talent does not just specialize in senior-level executive roles but also provides junior-level positions to help young professionals get into the business world.

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