QJumpers Leverages AI to Find Tomorrow’s Job Candidates Today

New Global Search and Match Module enables companies to hire faster and smarter by identifying potential candidates and inviting them to apply for relevant jobs

QJumpers, intrepid explorers breaking new ground in the quest for global talent, introduced the Global Search and Match module for its Applicant Tracking System, leveraging artificial intelligence to identify and engage highly qualified job candidates before they even know they are candidates.

Using criteria set by the hiring manager, Global Search and Match scours publicly available data, such as networking sites, social media, company websites and blogs, to identify candidates for a specific job. Criteria, such as credentials, location, skills, education and experience, can be prioritized, producing a ranked list of potential candidates. With one click, top candidates can be invited to apply for the job, bypassing the need for outside recruiters and headhunters.

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“In a tight job market, there isn’t enough talent to fill all of the open positions. If you want the best people, you may have to lure them away from your competition,” said Simon Oldham, QJumpers president. “Our new module adds an active scouting option to your job advertisements. Rather than waiting for people to respond to your ad, you can use our Search and Match module to automatically seek out people who have the skills you need, but who may not be actively looking for new opportunities.”

Additionally, hiring managers can add matched candidates to their general talent pool or create custom lists of potential talent for future jobs. When new job ads are created, QJumpers will automatically suggest qualified candidates from the talent pool.

“One of our biggest challenges is in establishing and maintaining a talent pipeline for jobs that are hard to recruit, in particular automotive technicians,” said Jane Stella, Future People Development at Toyota. “The ability to build a talent pool in advance would dramatically shorten the amount of time between posting a job and on-boarding a new hire.”

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QJumpers Applicant Tracking System decentralizes the recruitment process, creating a collaborative environment with automated workflows to ensure that all the right people get to weigh in on a candidate, while eliminating bottlenecks and increasing visibility into the process. The module-based system integrates seamlessly with assessment providers, payroll programs, performance management systems and more.

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