Putting Passion To Work At Home: Cella Goes Fully Remote

Cella, a nationwide staffing, consulting and managed solutions firm, announced that it is embracing a 100% virtual work environment. With more than 12+ months of remote work, Cella found that its corporate teams have clearly shown that collaboration, quality and productivity are a non-issue when working from home, and the new policy takes the company’s prior support for flexible work arrangements and makes it official.

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“At Cella, our passion is to match the right people with the right roles in the right places, and we have long believed in the promise of flexible work arrangements. Our shift to a fully virtual working environment codifies that belief for our employees,” said Rob Ganjon, Cella CEO. “Cella’s recent In-House Creative Industry Report found that the need for quality digital talent still remains high, but that the adaptability, creativity and resiliency of our teams allowed us to be there for our customers at a critical time. Our new policy helps us retain this operational and organizational excellence.”

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Cella already described itself as “warm, inviting, and relentlessly supportive.” In 2020, the company recognized that it is in a unique position as a staffing, consulting and managed solutions company to champion diversity, flexibility and influence others. To help with work and home balance, Cella offers unlimited PTO, mandatory days off for rest and wellness and “quiet days” where there are no video meetings. The company leverages video platforms, the company intranet, as well as instant messaging for regular communication and a project management tool to stay productive. It will be redesigning its current office spaces into large meeting and conference spaces for teams that do want to meet in person on an as-needed basis. While Cella talent will still visit clients on site, more and more employers have opted for a remote workforce as well.

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