Parsable Launches Connected Worker Accelerators to Further Speed Time-To-Value for Industry 4.0 and Digital Factory Initiatives

Built on the Parsable Connected Worker Platform, Parsable’s First Accelerators Increase Plant Availability and Productivity for CPG Manufacturers

Parsable, the Connected Worker Platform company, announced the launch of its Connected Worker Accelerators, out-of-the-box solutions designed to further speed the time-to-value for delivering digital transformation at industrial companies.

Built on Parsable’s leading Connected Worker Platform, Connected Worker Accelerators enable operations managers to quickly digitize, analyze, and solve difficult human-led operations challenges without the need for a months-long “time and motion study.”

“The human work performed in industrial settings contains an enormous amount of knowledge and data that should be captured to optimize business-critical processes and operations,” said Lawrence Whittle, CEO of Parsable. “Not all of this is unique to each business. By giving companies baseline approaches to get started, we can assure that they can move critical KPIs very quickly by improving work procedures, data collection, and work analysis in one swift motion.”

When combined with Parsable’s consumer-grade mobile applications, Connected Worker Accelerators provide management teams with unprecedented visibility and control over frontline operations by digitizing and standardizing complex work procedures, and collecting granular data on the execution of human-led work. Real-time, step-by-step data is unlocked and displayed in pre-built dashboards that are instantly available to business analysts and executives globally.

This enables leadership to quickly measure and analyze performance, identify process gaps and improvement opportunities, and make immediate changes both within the operation or in multiple locations at once.

As a result, companies can roll out standardized processes much faster to more sites. Their operations are then more consistent, transparent, and dynamic. Leadership can more accurately trace the impact of issues and improvements on the factory floor or field to the overall business.

Connected Worker Accelerators for CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)
Parsable’s first set of Connected Worker Accelerators, designed for CPG companies, gives plant managers increased transparency and control over human-led activities related to line changeovers, maintenance, and safety.

As SKU proliferation continues to grow – at a rate of more than 30 percent, according to some estimates – CPG manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to maximize the output, quality, and flexibility of their production lines. Issues and inefficiencies affecting line changeovers and maintenance have a critical impact on equipment uptime and throughput.

Safety concerns also can take a devastating toll on companies and their employees, and can ultimately impact overall worker productivity.

“By improving the main human drivers that affect changeover and maintenance cycle times, enterprises with multiple production lines and product SKUs can unlock new levels of revenue and profitability,” said Michael Chou, Chief Product Officer of Parsable. “Parsable has packaged the best practices that drive these business and operational goals into our Connected Worker Accelerators for CPG.”

Each CPG Accelerator includes customizable work procedures, comprehensive data collection, a pre-built data pipeline that streams work execution data, and robust analytics dashboards:

  • Changeover Accelerator: Drive fast and accurate changeovers so employees clearly understand who is doing what and what actions can be taken before “lockout/tagout” procedures, during shutdown, and after restart
  • Maintenance Accelerator: Ensure planned and unplanned maintenance procedures are performed consistently to decrease mean-time-to-repair (MTTR); this Accelerator and the Parsable Connected Worker Platform can be integrated with existing systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Safety Accelerator: Ensure safety inspections and checks are consistently executed; helps identify problematic trends and provides insight to implement needed corrective action to keep employees safe and operations moving