Oyster Announces Oyster for Refugees to Provide Economic Stability to Displaced Workers

Oyster,  a global employment platform that empowers companies to hire, pay, and care for their global teams, announced it has launched the Oyster for Refugees program. The program connects global employers with skilled talent that has been forced out of their country, providing economic and social stability to the refugees, and diverse talent to the organizations.

Oyster for Refugees enables companies to hire individuals with work permits from more than 180 countries with high concentrations of displaced talent, including PolandTurkeyColombiaJordanLebanonPakistanGermany, and Bangladesh. Oyster manages the full employment life cycle, including hiring, onboarding, pay and benefits at no cost. Participating companies create economic stability for refugees and their communities, while receiving diverse, skilled and often overlooked talent. Companies can also utilize Oyster’s refugee talent marketplace partner, Niya.ai, an employment platform focused on diversity recruitment, at a discounted cost.

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“Oyster is a global employment platform to hire, pay and care for team members no matter where they are in the world. This becomes even more critical when talented folks are displaced by crises at home. We built Oyster for Refugees to help companies tap into a largely overlooked pool of wonderful talent, while creating a more inclusive and engaged workforce,” said Tony Jamous, co-founder and CEO of Oyster. “Everyone benefits when you hire refugees. We want global employers to open the doors of distributed work for refugees so they can find stable jobs from anywhere.”

“With so many people displaced by conflict across the globe, Oyster for Refugees is a vital resource providing individuals access to companies throughout the world,” said Cameron Brown, co-founder of Niya. “Employers can access our platform to hire refugees in more than 35 countries and help our team fulfill our mission to help one million refugees find employment within the next ten years.” – Cameron Brown, Co-Founder at Niya

Oyster, founded in January 2020, announced a $150 million Series C at a $1 billion valuation in April 2022. The company’s mission is to remove the barriers to cross-border employment so that employers can tap into the global talent pool, creating better opportunities for workers, while also creating more inclusive workpla

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