Over 800 Companies Worldwide Embrace Isaak, a New AI by StatusToday

Isaak, the new Universal Head of HR at the world’s fastest-growing employee insights company StatusToday, will begin working at over 800 companies in 81 countries simultaneously today, empowering them to drive organizational change and improve employee wellbeing. Isaak is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence dedicated to people analytics, and has been trained using data collated over the last four years, as a result of the digital footprint employees leave through the course of their day-to-day work.

Isaak’s core task is to work with StatusToday’s customers to enable company leaders and HR professionals to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. Using existing company systems, Isaak gives real-time insights into each employee and their position within the organizational network. Pinpointing those central individuals within a network is integral to the decision making when allocating workload and responsibilities, ultimately improving the overall workplace environment and reducing stress and overworking.

Ankur Modi, CEO of StatusToday said, “The workplace has changed so drastically over the last decade. The responsiveness and split focus required of the workforce leads to a situation where we struggle to find appropriate tools to measure employee engagement and individuals’ capacity. Companies – and even HR consultants – rely so heavily on surveys, which are often skewed by factors as minor as the weather, or the last 5 minutes of workplace interaction.”

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Flexible working, ‘always-on’ email, and the proliferation of communication technology means that businesses can place a near 24/7 demand on team members. This fosters a relentless pressure to deliver, and perpetuates a stressful environment that ultimately results in burnout. The untiring Isaak is attuned to every interaction, regardless of time or location, and can alert each business leader when a team member is overloaded or frequently working outside of typical office hours.

Mircea Danila-Dumitrescu, CTO of StatusToday said, “Isaak was born to cut through the complexity of today’s workspace by distilling vast datasets into actionable insights and goes multiple levels beyond raw data determining patterns that appear due to personality quirks or different ways of working. Isaak can help identify the effectiveness and influence of each team member or group and their relationship to the company and beyond.”

Isaak not only identifies those employees essential to an organization’s network but also those that are working in isolation from their colleagues. Reduced engagement or responsiveness on email communication could be indicative of other issues surrounding the wellbeing of the team member and these warning flags are used to alert colleagues to any issues. This real-time insight enables managers to address issues with talented team members before irreparable damage is done to the relationship.

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As Isaak quickly evaluates the internal networks within a company, Isaak also offers insights into the rapport with external clients through customer relationship intelligence. Using the same evaluation processes Isaak can identify whether a customer has a ‘healthy’ relationship with the company and determines with whom that relationship hinges allowing businesses to ensure critical interactions extend beyond a single team member.

Ankur Modi concluded, “Isaak is the confidant of every employee and an advisor to every leader. It may not be the ‘smartest’ but is certainly the best informed. By analyzing millions of signals and data points daily, Isaak can deliver unique insights that only an AI could. In sharing this information with managers, Isaak empowers them to become leaders within their business for the wellbeing of employees. We are excited to see the impact that Isaak will have and are certain companies will transform the way they work from the insights that Isaak provides.”

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SOURCE StatusToday