OutMatch Solves Mystery of Overlooked Employees and Dissatisfied Employers

Platform Additions Enable Managers to Hire and Promote Quality Candidates and Employees, as well as Match Abilities with Success

OutMatch, the leader in predictive talent and culture analytics, announced the addition of Compare and Succeed to its predictive talent analytics platform, saving organizations time and money, decreasing turnover, and preventing overlooked employees from seeking opportunity elsewhere.

With historically low unemployment rates, employers need technology that helps them stay competitive and avoid losing talent to competition. Hiring high-quality candidates is only part of the picture. Organizations also need to retain valuable employees and develop them into future leaders. Compare and Succeed solve these challenges by helping organizations excel in hiring and keep their best assets.

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“Our customers asked for a better way of promoting employees and keeping talent from leaving for other opportunities,” said OutMatch Chief Product and Technology Officer Chris Gardner. “We answered with a consumer-like experience to compare, contrast, and achieve success for the employer and employee.”

Unlike most recruiting technology that overlooks candidates’ transferable competencies, OutMatch helps candidates find jobs they are rarely considered for, to the delight of companies who could have missed out.

“Candidates fear being overlooked,” Senior Product Management Director Andrew D’Agostino said.  “Compare and Succeed harmonize a person’s abilities with job duties, matching candidates who are the best fit and showing employers opportunities in places they’d never considered.”

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Compare provides a side-by-side view of applicants for one specific position, ranking each candidate and determining the best candidate based on common measures.

Succeed evaluates one candidate across multiple positions, analyzing how candidates perform in a variety of open positions, eliminating the possibility of overlooking great candidates and employees.

Compare and Succeed provide context to talent analytics, making the data easy to digest and leading to better hiring and promotion decisions as well as improved employee and candidate experience.

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