OutMatch Launches All New Assessment That Increases Candidate Engagement and Sharpens Predictive Data in the Hiring Process

Principal update to the OutMatch Talent Analytics Platform delivers best-in-class assessment experience to help employers retain candidates and improve hiring decisions

OutMatch,the leader in predictive talent and culture analytics, announced OutMatch 2.0, the first principal update to their industry-leading platform. The highlight of OutMatch 2.0 is the sleek new assessment design, which optimizes the candidate’s experience of taking an assessment, resulting in better applicant flow and better selection of employees.

During the beta phase of OutMatch 2.0, OutMatch surveyed job seekers and found that 88% of candidates felt more engaged taking the new OutMatch Assessment, 74% said it made them think more favorably of the employer, and 63% of candidates preferred it over a traditional assessment.

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The positive response to the new OutMatch Assessment shows that employers can use predictive technology in talent selection without deterring candidates. With a more engaging, ultra-modern assessment, employers can expect to see higher completion rates and lower drop-off, which ultimately leads to better selection and improved company performance. Furthermore, the new assessment scale in OutMatch Assessment captures candidate results in a more precise way, making the assessment an even stronger predictor of job success.

OutMatch 2.0 is the first principal update to the OutMatch Talent Analytics Platform, which was launched in July of 2017. While the new OutMatch Assessment measures the same core constructs that have proven to predict job success through nearly 20 million assessments per year at over 200 thousand client locations, it improves on traditional assessment design in several ways:

  • It reduces the average length of the assessment by 23%, making it faster and easier for candidates to complete
  • It uses answer choices that are balanced for social desirability, which reduces the tendency of candidates to look for the “right” answer, and instead, encourages them to express their true preferences
  • It uses visually engaging images to create a more enjoyable experience

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“Candidate engagement is a top concern in today’s tight labor market,” says OutMatch President and CEO, Greg Moran. “We built the new OutMatch Assessment to address that concern. Employers need predictive data to ensure they’re hiring the very best people, and they need to get that data in a way that feels easy and enjoyable to candidates. That’s the only way to compete for and win top talent.”

With the release of OutMatch 2.0, OutMatch demonstrates a commitment to innovation on its Talent Analytics Platform. The new OutMatch Assessment, which is available for an employer’s full range of jobs, is ideal in today’s competitive hiring market—it’s highly engaging for the candidate, without sacrificing the underlying science and predictive data that employers need to build top-performing workforces.

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