OutMatch Continues to Innovate with Point-and-Click Integration of Assessments into ATS

Reducing process from months to minutes, OutMatch Bridge frees up HRIS managers and gives HR executives immediate access to actionable predictive analytics 

OutMatch, a leader in delivering actionable predictive analytics to build world-class workforces, announced the launch of the fastest and easiest integration of assessments into applicant tracking systems (ATS). With point-and-click functionality, OutMatch Bridge eliminates a major issue facing HRIS managers and gives HR executives nearly instant access to data that predicts the right candidate for any position.

Using OutMatch Bridge, HR professionals can integrate assessments into an ATS in mere minutes. That capability renders obsolete competitors’ software, which typically takes 12 weeks to complete assessment integrations. Even better, HR team members can do it themselves while sitting at their desks, removing a time-consuming task from HRIS personnel, who are now freed up to be more efficient and productive.

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Just as importantly, OutMatch Bridge enables talent selection and development professionals to start using OutMatch analytics immediately. That puts predictive data into their hands faster and accelerates the process of hiring and developing the best talent to grow corporate revenue and profitability.

“OutMatch has made assessment integration fast, easy, and painless,” said Christine Riley, Director of Talent and Diversity at Forest City Realty Trust, Inc., which owns, develops, manages and acquires commercial and residential real estate in markets across the United States. “We were up and running in hours, with no loss in productivity, while gaining rapid access to the analytics we need to hire and keep the best talent.”

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“This is another solution that demonstrates how the OutMatch Impact is transforming the world of work,” said Greg Moran, President and CEO of OutMatch. “The point-and-click integration of OutMatch Bridge puts the HR professional in the driver’s seat, delivering predictive analytics faster so they can hire and develop a great team that will drive performance.”

OutMatch Bridge already includes standard integrations with several partners, including iCIMS, PeopleFluent, SmartRecruiters, Taleo Business Edition, Taleo Enterprise Edition, Ultimate Software, and WorkDay with more scheduled to be completed over the next few months.

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