My Ally Listed on SAP App Center to Deliver AI-Powered Recruiting to SuccessFactors Customers

My Ally, the world’s leading platform for recruiting AI technology, has announced its public listing on the SAP App Center for global deployments. My Ally is listed as a preferred recruiting productivity solution for customers of SAP’s SuccessFactors Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

This development reflects My Ally’s ongoing commitment to SuccessFactors’ 6,200 enterprise customers, automating the management and execution of knowledge worker talent acquisition. “We are proud to partner with such a strong player in the HR market,” says My Ally Founder & CEO, Deepti Yenireddy. “Our partnership is designed to take recruiting teams to a new level of productivity and excellence.”

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My Ally leverages predictive analytics and automation to build a more efficient candidate pipeline. Enterprise recruiting has emerged as an outperforming market, as acquiring top talent becomes a key indicator of product and revenue success. A candidate’s time to hire–referring to the time between initial candidate interest and an offer letter–can be as long as 4-5 months, even in high growth companies. “My Ally customers typically see a 50% reduction in their time-to-hire using our virtual AI scheduling assistant,” continues Yenireddy, citing the complexities of scheduling across multiple functions and time zones for interviews. “When top talent is hired faster, companies grow faster.”

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Today, SuccessFactors customers leverage the entire My Ally platform to automate each facet of interview scheduling: calendar management, time zone tracking, candidate engagement, and follow-up. For higher volume requisitions, My Ally will automatically load balance interviews between multiple hiring managers to optimize the hiring process. SuccessFactors customers also gain access to a Recruiting Performance Dashboard to find inefficiencies in scheduling–for example, hiring managers notorious for deprioritizing interviews.

SuccessFactors users can use the SAP App Center to request a demo to learn how My Ally can dramatically reduce time-to-hire, and deliver seamless AI capabilities with SAP SuccessFactors.

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