McLean & Company Releases HR Strategy to Help Organizations Innovate and Thrive in Changing Environments

McLean & Company, the trusted partner of HR and leadership professionals globally, has published a blueprint to help organizations understand key tactics in enabling innovation through culture. This timely research blueprint will allow organizations to build a culture of innovation in order to survive and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

McLean & Company indicates that innovation is essential to keep an organization competitive. The new blueprint emphasizes that HR can enable a culture of innovation and play an important role in contributing to the organization’s competitive advantage. McLean & Company experts recommend that HR chooses the right drivers to enable their organization’s type of innovation.

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In an ideal world, employees adopt innovative behaviors all on their own; the reality is leaders have a critical role to play. Without their support, innovation drivers will fail. Enabling innovation is a balancing act. Leaders have a special role to play in modeling the key innovation drivers and helping employees develop the right behaviors. The research blueprint highlights some of the behaviors that show how leadership can best support the innovation drivers. Those behaviors include:

  • Leaders innovating themselves and demonstrating that it is okay to fail and learn from it.
  • Creating an environment in which employees feel comfortable exploring new ideas.
  • Rewarding and recognizing employees who come up with innovative ideas.
  • Visibly and proactively showing commitment to innovation, such as sponsoring an innovative idea or obtaining the budget to develop an idea further.
  • Leaders reinforcing the importance of innovation to the organization through regular communications.
  • Leaders making the link between innovative behaviors and the benefits to the organization.

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Enabling innovation is a balancing act. Even with specific innovation goals and the organizational resources to get there, efforts will fall flat without a focus on the right drivers of innovation. HR plays a critical role in aligning the drivers and HR programs. McLean & Company’s blueprint provides a three-step process to enable a culture of innovation by:

  1. Clarifying the organization’s innovation goals and types
  2. Identifying the innovation drivers HR needs to enable
  3. Aligning HR programs to innovation drivers

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