McHire, Powered by Paradox, Adds AI-Powered Assessment Integration to Improve Employee Retention

In an Industry Struggling With High Turnover, Mchire, Powered by Paradox, Releases an Integration With Sprockets to Ensure McDonald’s Franchise Operators Hire the Ideal Applicants Every Time.

McHire, powered by Paradox, the platform that McDonald’s franchise operators trust to source, hire, and onboard new employees with fast, mobile-first experiences, now offers an integration with Sprockets to reveal who will perform like their best crew members and reduce bias in the workplace.

This integration combines the speed of Paradox’s McHire platform with the precision of Sprockets, an AI-powered solution that is proven to improve 90-day retention by 43%. It instantly predicts an applicant’s likelihood to succeed and stay long-term using artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and over 80 years of psychological research.

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AJ Richichi, CEO of Sprockets, explained how the integration solves the challenges that franchisees currently face: “The QSR industry struggles with nearly 150% annual turnover, and COVID-19 has created new challenges that require equally different solutions. Sprockets helps managers navigate the changing labor dynamics and make sound hiring decisions. Our solution results in drastically reduced turnover, less time spent in the hiring process, and a better customer experience.”

Sprockets’ software integrates directly with McHire to further streamline the hiring process, allowing GMs to focus more on daily operations. Richichi stated, “While McHire will remain as a tremendous way to source candidates, schedule interviews, extend offers, and more, the addition of Sprockets will help franchisees prescreen and hire the right people.” Many McDonald’s franchise operators have already improved retention with Sprockets, and now it’s even easier for others to achieve the same results without having to log in to two different tools.

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This McHire integration is a big step for Sprockets as they improve the hiring experience for applicants and employers alike. Richichi states, “Aligning ourselves with influential technologies like McHire is validation that we’re making progress in creating a more efficient and equitable hiring process in the hourly workforce. As we continue to scale, we are constantly looking for innovative partners with a shared mission to create positive change in the hourly workforce.”

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