Leadership and Communication Expert David Grossman Outlines Top 10 Principles for 22nd Century Communications

Guide includes strategies to deliver cutting-edge communication, engage employees and strengthen organizational reputation

In his newest eBook – 22nd Century Communications: Strategies to Deliver Cutting-Edge Communication, Engage Employees and Strengthen Reputation – leadership and communication expert David Grossman shares his take on the top 10 principles the best organizations employ to ensure their communication strategy is a positive lever in building a stronger business.

Leaders and communicators today face a daunting challenge: keeping up with the ever-evolving needs of employees and the public to get key information delivered in an efficient, clear and engaging way. On top of that, insightful leaders know just how important it is to get communication strategy right because when done well, communication is a key driver to business success.

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“One of the most frequent questions I get today is some variation of this: ‘What’s new in communications strategy today? Or, what must I do today to be a leader in corporate communications for years to come?” says David Grossman, founder and CEO of The Grossman Group. “This eBook gives leaders the solutions they need to build real value for their business today and for many years into the future.”

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This new guide is designed for leaders and communicators who are looking for the insights they need to build a world-class communications function, including Grossman’s top 10 principles to keep in mind. Those principles include:

  • Using communication to create real value for the business
  • Building trust with employees and consumers
  • Applying best-in-class technology as a key communications tool
  • Helping to imagine and advance an inspiring vision
  • Optimizing influencers
  • Supporting and engaging your greatest asset: your people
  • Accepting constant change as the norm
  • Listening more and in better ways, both to individual employees and the entire system
  • Supporting a communications system that’s honed to manage overload and inefficiencies
  • Adopting a continuous improvement mindset among the communications team

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