Lattice People Analytics: Understand Your Company Culture Like Never Before

Lattice announced a new People Analytics solution that gives People Operations leaders access to performance, engagement and management data across the company.

Lattice Analytics helps People Operations teams better understand the answers to key management questions.

Lattice People Analytics
Lattice People Analytics
  • Why are our top performers leaving?
  • Who are our best managers? What managers need help?
  • How often do employees share feedback with each other?
  • How do employees feel about work-life balance?
  • Are we doing enough to tackle Diversity and Inclusion challenges?

Lattice believes that with the right tools, People Ops will be able to make decisions based on both qualitative and quantitative inputs, which will lead towards more effective (and fairer) people programs, and the end result will be a strong company culture.

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How Lattice Analytics Works

Lattice Analytics works across Lattice’s existing suite of people management products and operates around a series of dynamic dashboards. Depending on the product, these dashboards take on a variety of different forms including — heatmaps, line-graphs, bar graphs, and scatter-plots — but more importantly, Lattice gives the ability for customers to filter data around a variety of data points.

The possibilities for data points filtering are literally endless, as Lattice give customers the ability to create custom fields, but Lattice typically sees their customers filtering across employee and company information, including Tenure, Gender, Department, Manager vs. IC, Salary Band, and, of course, Performance Ratings.

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Building people programs with data science

People Analytics represents Lattice’s first step in building a platform that not only helps companies build people management programs but also gives People teams (and managers) access to data that will drive valuable insights to improve company culture.

Lattice has already seen many of it’s 1,000+ customers use Lattice data to talk about company culture at all-hands and board meetings. Over time, Lattice plans to build more features that make data sharing easier, while also finding ways to proactively surface insights to People teams and managers.

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Lattice is excited to continue building a platform that helps companies build a strong company culture with a data-driven foundation.