HSA Administrators, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Offers Tips for Helping Clients Bridge Onboarding Gaps

HSA administrators, Clarity Benefit Solutions, offer tips for helping clients bridge onboarding gaps.

Any successful business relies on their new employees to hit the ground running—taking on responsibilities, maintaining compliance, and being immediately productive. However, certain shortcomings combined with an unexpected learning curve can hamper the onboarding process. The following are tips to help clients bridge these onboarding gaps.

Outline company objectives. Employers must clarify the company’s objectives, goals, and expected outcomes before the onboarding process commences. Use performance-based training to bridge gaps that may prevent new employees from realizing their full potential. Online training initiatives have a proven track record in these instances.

Hone in on those building block skills. Skills are the foundation that allows employees to complete daily work activities. Therefore, onboarding training should focus on skill sets rather than simply tasks. Focusing on skills-based training means that new employees can use their newly discovered talents in different areas.

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Offer ongoing support tools. An online training library is essential to foster professional development. This library should include snippets of training activities that focus on specific skills or tasks. Make sure that the available resources are in line with the company’s performance-based objectives. This will help new hires acclimate to their responsibilities more quickly.

Allow employees to self-assess. Unfortunately, skill gaps coupled with a lack of knowledge can prevent new employees from reaching their full potential. Plus, some employees may not be aware of their shortcomings, which may make it difficult for them to succeed at a new job. Providing online self-assessments allows them to have ability to assess their talents and identify areas to focus on during their training period. Permitting them to re-evaluate their skill set allows them to monitor their progress—and grow.

Personalize employees’ training. Help new employees feel empowered by personalizing their training. Again, this is where online onboarding comes into play. Employers can tailor these programs to focus on their gaps—and their goals. Consider incorporating long-term training initiatives that focus on objectives and milestones.

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