HSA Administration Company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Offers Tips for Keeping Millennial Workers Engaged

HSA administration company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, offers tips for keeping millennial workers engaged.

Millennials are categorized as those who were born between the mid-eighties and the early 2000s, who are currently in the age range of 18-35. This is a fairly large range that approaches the workplace differently than their older counterparts, so it is vital to keep them engaged and interested in their jobs. Here are some tips for accomplishing this task.

Offer flexibility. Millennials are not only tech-savvy, they are expert multitaskers. As such, they expect flexibility in the workplace. Employers need to revisit the standard 9 to 5 workday, as technology is so advanced that work can be accomplished outside of the office. Progressive employers should offer flexible hours to keep their millennial workforce engaged.

Foster career development. Millennials will seize every chance they get to develop and broaden their skills. It is vital to create a multitude of opportunities for millennials, ranging from additional training to new projects to keep them engaged in their career path.

Provide an enjoyable working environment. The millennial generation desires to be friends with those they work with every day. Employers should provide ample opportunities for millennials to become acquainted with their coworkers outside of the workplace—whether it be off-site lunches, happy hours, or sporting events. These are all effective methods for employees to connect and interact.

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Give regular feedback. Millennials crave frequent feedback regarding their job performance. Rather than waiting for a yearly review, provide regular feedback to not only increase their level of engagement, but improve their performance. They need to know how their job is impacting the company’s short- and long-term goals.

Embrace change. There’s no doubt that the millennial generation is full of creative thinkers. They are focused on trying new things, and employers need to respond in kind by being open and respectful of their new ideas.

Support charitable efforts. Millennials crave a working environment that shares their values. As such, employers should incorporate such endeavors into their overall identity and encourage their employees to play an active role in these activities.

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