HR Service Partners Announces Appointments of New Roles, Creation of Staffing Solutions and Risk Solutions

HR Service Partners (HRSP) announces the appointments of Millie Springer, SHRM-SCP, and Pete Delgado to their new roles. Springer, who is currently the Director of Human Resources at HRSP, will take on the role of Vice President at Staffing Solutions. Delgado, who is currently the Director of Safety & Risk at HRSP, will take on the role of Vice President at Risk Solutions.

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Staffing Solutions

Springer joined HRSP in 2018 and since then, has served as director of the HR department.

Staffing Solutions provides a different approach to recruiting and staffing by focusing on your culture. In July, the number of job openings hit a record high of 10.9 million. In the current market, employers understand how difficult it is to find quality candidates, which is why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired. Staffing Solutions will help your business fill positions as it thrives on helping employers identify their cultural strengths and effectively market them to the workforce.

Staffing Solutions will offer reduced rates to clients by segmenting out service levels that represent more than a 50% reduction in recruiting costs compared to the market standard rates of 15-25% of a median salary.

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Risk Solutions

Delgado also joined HRSP in 2018 and has directed the safety and risk department since. As VP of Risk Solutions, he brings 25+ years of experience to the table.

“It’s a blessing and a curse to have been working in the safety and claims field for an extended amount of time. On the positive side, you see clients/customers that embrace safety and then revel in the successes that a strong proactive approach to safety can bring to an organization. Increased productivity, excellent employee morale, reduced turnover, and lower injury/illness costs. Unfortunately, I have also seen how a severe injury can affect an employee’s life and an organization’s bottom line. We want to provide all our clients the tools they need to build the safest possible working environment,” Delgado said.

Risk Solutions will have unique opportunities ready to share with all clients starting in 2022, such as:

  1. Safety Training courses tailored for the Medical industry
  2. Client-branded Safety Manuals
  3. Comprehensive Safety Audit Services
  4. Telehealth services catered to respond to worksite injuries. Through AXIOM, an injured employee can receive medical assistance from registered nurses, instantly reducing any costs

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