Eptura Bolsters Building Occupant Safety with Dynamic Emergency Notifications to Support New Flexible Working Styles

Eptura, the global worktech leader,announced an enhancement to its visitor management software with the new Emergency List feature to improve occupant safety and streamline the building evacuation process during emergency situations. The enhancement is intended for organizations that find themselves lacking data that indicates who is present in the building or on the jobsite between flexible working arrangements, external contractors, and guests amid today’s evolution of workplace and manufacturing sites.

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“Emergency preparedness is an essential part of workplace safety and a good way to ensure that businesses achieve the best possible outcomes when faced with an emergency”

Emergencies often occur unexpectedly and can rapidly deteriorate into chaos. Events such as fires, floods, natural disasters, and more, require robust emergency preparedness strategies to account for all building occupants in the case of an evacuation. In some territories, authorities mandate that businesses develop such action plans to increase the efficiency of emergency response, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations in the United States. Historically, security teams have had to rely on a physical, static list of occupants, losing valuable time and leaving gaps in the emergency response process.

Eptura’s introduction of the Emergency List feature is designed to make this process faster and more accurate while accounting for modern flexible workplaces where any number of employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors may enter and exit the building or jobsite throughout the course of the day. By providing a digital list of all building occupants in real time, Emergency List enables security teams to monitor real-time progress of evacuation efforts and provide emergency responders an accurate, up-to-date evacuation list with a centralized view of people on site.

With this enhancement to Eptura’s visitor management system, first responders gain a critical advantage that can help protect against unexpected hazards in the workplace, get people to safety more quickly, and save lives in emergency situations. Key capabilities available in the Emergency List feature include:

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  • Send an emergency alert to people in the workplace during evacuations or drills.
  • Get a real-time list of everyone in the building or on the jobsite including the visitor’s name and photo, host, and check-in status.
  • Complete digital roll calls and mark people as safe with just one click to understand who is safe and who is not accounted for during a live emergency or emergency drill.
  • Coordinate with emergency responders more effectively by searching for specific individuals or filtering to see those who are not yet marked as safe, making it easier to account for everyone and prioritize rescue efforts.
  • Synchronize Emergency Lists across devices so multiple people across disparate evacuation points can contribute to marking people as safe.
  • Generate post-emergency reports to understand who was accounted for and how long checks took to complete, enabling teams to analyze evacuation protocols.

Accessible via the visitor management dashboard or mobile app, the Emergency List function eliminates the need for teams to print and manually check names off a list during an emergency or roll call. The enhanced Emergency List offers greater functionality with digital interactive lists that can be accessed on the move, including post-emergency reporting to help teams analyze and improve their future evacuation procedures.

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