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Commuter Benefits Administrator, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Shares How Technology is Revolutionizing Voluntary Benefits

Commuter benefits administrator, Clarity Benefit Solutions, shares how technology is revolutionizing voluntary benefits.

It is an ongoing challenge for employers to balance rising health care costs with maintaining employee satisfaction and value. Thus, more and more employers are utilizing voluntary benefits to supplement traditional insurance packages and provide additional valuable services. An important piece to this puzzle is how technology fits in. Thanks to modern technology, it is easy for employers to communicate the specifics of voluntary benefits programs, provide ease of enrollment, and administrate the program.

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As for communications, technology affords employers the ability to readily target voluntary benefits information that is specific to each employee’s individual needs, thus eliminating unnecessary information. This boosts employee satisfaction, as there is no one-size-fits all mindset when it comes to voluntary benefits. A millennial’s wants and needs are vastly different from a veteran employee who is on the cusp of retirement.

Modern technology also affords employers the ability to communicate relevant information to employees through a variety of mediums—social media, blogs, emails, websites—and a number of devices such as smart phones, tablets, and desktops. This allows employees to access this vital information at their leisure, which is vital to achieve ultimate satisfaction. Make sure to deliver this information in clear, concise language so employees do not have to spend time decoding the meaning.

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This ease of voluntary benefits dissemination also impacts the administration aspect of the process. Technology eliminates tasks such as manually entering employee information, paperwork, filing, and maintaining compliance issues. Simplicity in these administrative tasks streamlines operations—and frees HR to address other matters.

It is absolutely necessary for employers to take full advantage of an online platform for the entire voluntary benefit enrollment process. Not only does this allow employers to track their employees’ progress through the entire process, it permits them to provide support and address any concerns. Again, this will result in employees having a sense of value, and more likely to take advantage of the voluntary benefits that are being offered.

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