CoderPad Acquires CodinGame to Improve Technical Recruiting and Speed Hiring Decisions

Acquisition will Allow Employers to Better Screen and Objectively Hire Candidates by Prioritizing Skills Over Resumes, Decreasing Hiring Bias

CoderPad, the leading software for evaluating technical proficiency, announced its acquisition of CodinGame, a first-class candidate assessment platform and global developer skill building community. The combined companies’ offerings will help employers strengthen their technical talent process to identify the most proficient candidates faster and easier, while reducing unintentional hiring bias, in today’s competitive labor market. The entire CodinGame team has joined CoderPad.

CoderPad and CodinGame offer a comprehensive technical hiring platform to customers at scale—from initial assessments to take-home projects to live paired programming interviews—while also providing a community where candidates can uplevel their skills and prepare for interviews. Their platforms transform how companies hire technical talent and strengthen the talent pipeline by using a transparent evaluation process focused on technical aptitude and skills rather than resumes, college logos, and personal connections that can impart bias. The acquisition comes at a time when technical skills are in short supply but high demand, with 66 percent of employers seeking to hire more developers this year alone.

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“It used to be that just Bay Area tech companies needed technical talent,” said Amanda Richardson, CoderPad CEO. “Today every company is a tech company because data science, engineering, development, and other ‘hard’ skills are what drive true innovation and a competitive edge. CoderPad and CodinGame have a shared mission to improve the overall tech hiring process by giving candidates more realistic and engaging exercises that demonstrate skills and ability while reducing the overreliance on logos on a resume.”

To help organizations build a robust talent pool, CoderPad and CodinGame’s joint offerings provide screenings, tests, and challenges to analyze candidates’ technical skills in a way that mimics real working conditions. A ‘live’ virtual interview environment helps evaluate qualities beyond coding, like problem solving, collaboration, and handling feedback. The platform also offers reporting tools that objectively sort, compare, and rank the skills of candidates and provide transparency on these results.

“Together, we bring a complete portfolio of hiring solutions to aid developers and recruiters in their search for the best candidates, while leveling the playing field for tech talent by allowing companies to hire based on their skills,” said Frédéric Desmoulins, CodinGame Co-founder and CEO.

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CodinGame will also strengthen CoderPad’s offering through their employee engagement platform, built and scaled to keep the skills of its 2M+ developers sharp through gamified coding challenges and contests. The community provides a place for developers to hone their skills, invest in their own professional development, and engage with other developers, while surfacing excellent talent to potential employers.

“We’re rapidly expanding our technical teams as we continue using technology to radically enhance the day-to-day lives of healthcare professionals and patients. To reach our missions, we rely on the strength of our Engineering team, which is building the technology that supports this transformation,” said David Lambert, Engineering Director at Doctolib. “CoderPad and CodinGame make it possible for us to find the best possible candidates and evaluate them fairly with an engaging interview experience that’s congruent with our key value: user first.”

“One of the things that attracted us to CodinGame was its strong and trusted relationship with the technical community,” added Richardson. “This allows us to get an unprecedented understanding of developers’ expectations, identify emerging trends in skills, and match them with recruiters’ needs. We empower developers to keep up with the pace of fast technological change to be noticed—and recruited—by companies looking for rare talent.”

The announcement builds on a period of sustained growth for CoderPad, including the acquisition of AdaptiLab’s machine learning and data science interviewing tools earlier this summer, plus a growth funding round led by Summit Partners in late 2019.

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