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Boost by Kaplan Teams Up with Find Your Grind to Inspire and Help Pre-College Students Chart their Education and Career Paths

Boost by Kaplan, an innovative online program designed to help pre-college students learn what careers look like and the skills needed to succeed in them, is working with Find Your Grind to deliver a highly engaging approach to learning and navigating the path to self-discovery and success. Find Your Grind offers an extensive library of mentors with insights, advice, and real career data to help students discover what they are meant to do through social emotional learning, exploration of interests, inquiry and self-reflection, and exploration.

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Boost by Kaplan is working with @findyourgrind to deliver to pre-college students a highly engaging approach to learning and navigating the path to self-discovery and success.

With data showing that 30% of undergrads change their major at least once within three years of initial enrollment, Boost seeks to help bridge the gap between the college experience and career readiness. Additional data from McGraw Hill shows that only 35% of traditional college graduates feel higher education prepared them for the workforce.

Find Your Grind’s virtual mentorship program allows Boost students to learn from professionals who’ve been in the position of being unsure of what to study and what to do after college and high school, but who have found their passion, discovered their strengths, and are putting them to use in the workplace. Boost students can match their core habits, strengths, and traits with like-minded mentors, and browse hundreds of videos on strategies on how to get started, timesavers, social media advice, and practical lessons from FYG experts to elevate their game and build confidence.

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“Boost students are engaged in a journey of purposeful self-discovery about their education paths and career trajectories and we know that utilizing the inspirational content from Find Your Grind will be valuable tools in pointing them in the right direction,” said Megan O’Connor, entrepreneur-in-residence, Kaplan. “At a time when there is so much uncertainty and change, Boost students will be given the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about their own goals and better plan for the future.”

“It’s amazing to be a part of this Boost program. Being able to provide students with agency over their choices, career decisions, and interests to feel confident in their next steps is what it’s all about! In these uncertain times I think it’s more important than ever to show the endless possibilities that are out there and get students fired up about what’s ahead for their futures,” said Nick Gross, co-founder, Find Your Grind.

The FYG collaboration follows on the heels of a Boost partnership with Myers Briggs, which will provide students with personal insights to help them decide on their education and career paths. Delivered on the VitaNavis® platform, the SuperStrong® assessment helps students discover how their interests can inform and translate into academic and professional success.

Boost by Kaplan seeks to close the gap between the college experience and career readiness by offering pre-college students the opportunity to explore different fields of study in high-growth career paths, interact with professionals in their areas of work interest and participate in work-integrated learning projects. The 10-hour weekly program allows for flexibility, and will offer a combination of live instruction, on demand sessions, customized study, work-life experience through projects, live interviews with professionals and ‘pulse checks’ as students’ interests evolve. Students will receive 1:1 mentoring with experienced Kaplan advisors dedicated to guiding students on their education and career paths as well as be part of a small cohort for networked learning and reflection.

Boost by Kaplan has committed to awarding full tuition assistance to 20 percent of its students who demonstrate financial need, in an effort to create opportunities for those who want to explore their future education and the world of work, without financial barriers.

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