BizMerlinHR Announces Expansion into Ghana

Smart Human Resources Management System Provides Mid-Sized Enterprise Solutions

Innovative human resources management company BizMerlinHR announced it has expanded into Ghana. “We are thrilled to expand our global presence,” said BizMerlinHR President Robert Cofod. “In today’s highly competitive global business environment, managing human capital is key. Industry leaders excel at attracting, onboarding, managing, and retaining the best talent. We help them do that.”

Bayport Savings and Loans in Accra, Ghana was the first of many businesses in Ghana to implement the intelligent HR system. Bayport’s Chief People and Culture Officer, Doreen Baffoe, said BizMerlinHR helped redefine her company’s strategic positioning. The system allowed Bayport to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve productivity while improving organizational communication.

When Baffoe started at the financial institution last spring, she noticed administrative tasks were consuming valuable time. “It quickly hit me when I joined that I needed to first fix the administrative matters in my unit to free the team up to focus on the most important aspect of our work – people,” said Baffoe. “I was committed to finding a human resource management software that relieves the administrative processes in my team. I didn’t want to use a spreadsheet to track leave, performance management, or organizational capacity.”

When she learned how BizMerlinHR precisely applies artificial intelligence to develop industry-leading HR management, data handling, and analytics capabilities, she knew she found the answer to her resource management concerns. Baffoe said, “Our journey towards building a high-performance culture started with our ability to track and measure individual and team performance. The difference for me in the first six months has been like day and night. I was fortunate enough to select a partner like BizMerlinHR that is responsive and professional. I am ready to soar.”

BizMerlinHR’s solution integrates proprietary processes to simplify HR. Embedded AI features help HR managers mine data to solve and avoid problems. Features include:

  • Onboarding
  • Feedback
  • Goal Management
  • Skill Management
  • Employee Record Maintenance
  • Leave Management
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Data Mining