BiasSync, A New Online Solution to Assess Unconscious Bias In Corporations and Government Agencies, Launches

Los Angeles-based company founded to create a more fair and respectful workplace

BiasSync launched its proprietary tool to assess unconscious bias in large corporations and government agencies. The Los Angeles startup provides organizations and their leaders with aggregated, actionable data and professional development content to help lessen the negative impact of unconscious bias in the workplace. The initial product roll-out includes assessments for race and gender, and the company is developing additional assessments relevant to the workplace to be released over this next year.

“The demand to understand and address unconscious bias has never been more important to companies, government agencies and organizations that strive for continuous improvement in the workplace,” said co-founder and CEO Michele Ruiz. “What we’ve done is looked at decision making and practices in the workplace as they pertain to diversity and inclusion objectives and realized that in most cases there is a hugely important element missing, and that is understanding underlying unconscious bias. Most people don’t even realize it’s a factor, because they think intellectually they are making the right decisions, but unconsciously, they are being influenced by factors and forces that are not talked about, often ignored, and considerably misunderstood.”

“We founded BiasSync because there are scientifically-validated methodologies to understand unconscious bias and other key personality measurements which we’ve built upon to be relevant to the work environment. No matter what decision makers and company leaders are doing to address diversity and inclusion as well as fairness and equality, without the kind of science-based solution like BiasSync, the work is incomplete and as studies show, very often ineffective,” added Ruiz.  “We set out to create something that solves the lack of data and metrics in most diversity and inclusion trainings, as well as the challenge to roll out bias focused professional development content to entire workforces that educates people in a compelling, positive and interactive way.”

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A former Emmy™-winning broadcast journalist and serial entrepreneur, Ruiz co-founded BiasSync along with former Tinder VP of Technology Dan Gould, and serial tech entrepreneur Robin Richards.  The three founders, who each come from different entrepreneurial backgrounds, recognized that there was no effective data-driven bias solution that was designed to scale for companies of any size in the marketplace.

“Organizations that take data-based action to create a more fair and respectful workplace are more profitable. We have developed a proprietary tool—built from multiple scientific methodologies—that assesses every individual in an organization,” said Gould who serves as President and CTO of BiasSync, leading technology strategy and product development. “The data provided gives leaders the information they need to develop an effective roadmap toward a more cohesive and effective organization. This includes employees who are more productive, effective and who collaborate better to solve challenges. These kinds of companies achieve higher employee retention and lower levels of burnout. And they face fewer reputational and legal risks.”

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“Great leaders know that they can’t manage what they can’t measure.  And we also know that most HR and compliance training is boring, outdated and consequently ineffective. With BiasSync, companies now have a real opportunity to improve the culture of their workplace in a meaningful way,” said Richards who serves as a strategic advisor to the company leaders. “Unconscious bias is the underlying factor in many problematic cultures— and we are committed to help companies understand, assess, and measure to successfully achieve their diversity and inclusion objectives.”

Leaders can use the specific, anonymized aggregate information provided to them to implement meaningful changes and make measurable improvements that can be tracked over time.  The actionable data BiasSync provides — coupled with compelling, interactive educational content featuring leading unconscious bias experts — allows leaders to better reach diversity and inclusion goals, generate greater innovation, improve their bottom line and make their companies more competitive.

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