Are Your Employees Taking the Phishing Bait?

Data breaches big and small continue to plague organizations around the world. Experts agree that phishing is still the most successful weapon used in data breaches — 32% according to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. In reality, the actual number of security incidents using phishing is much higher. Malware, stolen credentials and social engineering all use phishing as the predominant means of attack.

Your organization can identify its susceptibility to phishing attacks by trying Infosec’s new Phishing Risk Test – it’s free!

To help organizations identify their susceptibility to phishing attacks, Infosec, the leading provider of information security education and workforce security awareness, recently added a no-cost Phishing Risk Test to its Infosec IQ security awareness and training platform.

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“Infosec developed this test because education and knowledge are still the best tools to fight cybercrime and mitigate risk,” said Jack Koziol, Infosec CEO and founder. “The test is free, easy to use, and quickly delivers a report on an organization’s vulnerability to phishing.”

The Infosec Phishing Risk Test sends a simulated phishing email to employees and records the number of recipients who open the email or click a link. The report then gives an estimate of an organization’s phishing risk to share with stakeholders and help inform employee training.

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Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select a phishing template.
Step 2: Add the email address of employees who will receive the simulated phishing email.
Step 3: Launch the test.
Step 4: Assess phishing risk when the report arrives within 24 hours.

“Knowing your organization’s phishing susceptibility is just the first step,” Koziol added. “You can use the Phishing Risk Test results to guide your ongoing employee training program and work towards the ultimate goal of reducing or eliminating security incidents.”

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