Able Ups the Employee Experience

Able Moving & Storage, the Fastest Growing Moving Company in the Mid-Atlantic, Unveils a Wellbeing Initiative in Addition to the Industry-High Compensation Package It Already Offers.

“We don’t know of another moving company that has a wellbeing program,” says CEO Joe Singleton, “and we don’t care. We treat our employees like family,” he adds, “always!”

The initiative unleashed by the company’s leadership team, dubbed “Alive and Able”, has been carefully crafted to represent the interests of all Able employees.

Able Chief Strategist Gary Corbett makes clear how important the organic nature of the initiative was to everyone at Able. “Not only have we surveyed every employee at the company,” he says, “Alive and Able has sponsored events to encourage further communication between employees and the leadership team.”

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With most employee wellbeing programs penetrating only 15% of the company at best, Able is trying to roll the program out in a way that can be fun for everyone.

Physical and financial wellbeing are two of the five areas the initiative will be focusing on. The company health plan just being renegotiated gave the Alive and Able Team the opportunity to make an Apple Watch free for every Able employee. The catch? They have to follow the pre-programmed challenges it offers them to enhance their own wellness.

Not only does Chief Operating Officer Steve Kuhn look forward to some of the programs planned for the future, he sees maximizing the awareness of what is available to the employees now as crucial. “We have the top tier compensation plan in the moving industry, complete with profit sharing and 401k, and we want every employee to understand it,” he says.

Already known for their local as well as national philanthropy, a third aspect of the Alive and Able program addresses community wellbeing, with the origin of ideas and actions stemming from the employees themselves. “This is their program,” says Corbett. “We didn’t go out and buy a wellbeing program. We sat down with our employees and created one.”

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Career wellbeing is another construct within the initiative and the company has rolled out everything from one on one meetings with CEO Joe Singleton for every leadership team member, management one on ones for every employee, and the development of professional growth plans for its soon to be and current management. “We want employees that want more,” says Singleton, “and our job is to provide them with what they need to get it. When they do, I guarantee our company will have grown right along with them.”

The last tenet of the Alive and Able program is emotional wellbeing. The Singletons created a company based on family values, and they run deep at Able.

While Alive and Able is still in its infancy, the company is already seeing results from the efforts being made to perfect company culture, boasting an employee retention rate of 85% this year during the summer season, which typically generates high turnover. Able has been quick to benchmark themselves against forward thinking companies in all sectors that recognize the need to attract and retain the best talent.

“We are extremely proud to introduce this initiative to the moving industry,” says Corbett, “and we welcome the opportunity not only to share the results of our efforts, but to collaborate with other moving companies looking to raise the bar for their employees as well.”

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