4 Highly Effective Tools for Medical Sales Recruiters

It’s tax season, and this year, companies big and small are benefiting from tax cuts and increased deductions. That means recruitment teams may have ‘new’ cash at their disposal. Healthcare Staffing Technologies recommends that medical sales recruiters budget for these tools and strategies to improve efficiency and secure top talent.

1. Pre-interview screening. Because the interview process is time-consuming and expensive, budget in an extra pre-interview screening step. This will help you better understand a candidate’s skills and sales experience without draining resources on a formal interview too early in the process.

2. Video interviews. Video interviews help expand your reach so that you never lose qualified candidates due to location. With video interviews, candidates who were once too far away can be interviewed just as effectively as candidates in your area, without any travel expenses.

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3. AI Recruiting Assistant. It may sound counter intuitive, but technology can actually help recruiters add that personal touch and stay connected with candidates throughout the recruitment process. Such technology can answers questions in real-time, schedule interviews, and engage with candidates on social media.

4. Predictive Analytics. Investing in predictive analytics is the best way to hire for quality, not quantity. According to Healthcare Staffing Technologies,

The predictive analytics process actually begins by collecting early performance data on new hires. Then, it matches the data to assessments and creates a feedback loop. As this loop grows, you’ll refine a profile showing you the exact traits of a successful candidate—leaving guesswork in the past.

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