HES Introduces Well-Being Program Focused on Sustainability and Health

Environmental and personal well-being are tightly connected; Sustain is a program about improving both.

Health Enhancement Systems (HES) has launched Sustain, a well-being program designed to help employees learn skills to live in a way that’s gentler on the planet while enhancing personal health.

Well-being, sustainability, and HR leaders are invited to join HES for a 30-minute group demo of Sustain on Tuesday, Oct. 20 at noon or 3 p.m. ET. Attendees will discover how to help their population embrace sustainability habits — while cultivating a stronger connection to nature. They’ll also learn how they can participate in a free 2-week trial.

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“Solving urgent ecological problems requires a massive effort that goes far beyond sustainable practices at the individual and workplace level,” explains Beth Shepard (MS, Lifestyle Medicine Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and HES senior writer/researcher). “But we can all do our part to stay informed, live in ways that are gentler on the planet, and speak up for environmental action.”

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Sustain draws on behavior change science and guidance from institutions such as the US Global Change Research Program and World Health Organization plus health/medical/environmental psychology research findings to:

  • Increase understanding of the global impact of daily decisions
  • Get people involved in effective solutions
  • Promote sustainability habits.

A new report by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication shows 79% of American adults want to know what action the government is taking. “Most people see the writing on the wall. More than ever, they want specific ways to turn this situation around,” adds Shepard. “Wellness leaders can apply what they already know about behavior change to promote a shift to more eco-friendly lifestyles and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.”

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