Questco Partners with Espyr to Offer Small Businesses Mental Health Benefits and More

Questco, a leading outsourced HR service provider, announced  a partnership with Espyr, a leader in workplace mental health and well-being programs, to provide their clients with valuable resources to help businesses combat turnover, care for their teams, and position themselves for growth in a competitive labor market.

Much has been said about the Great Resignation and the current state of the labor market, particularly relating to mental health, burnout, and stress-related turnover. Many businesses are struggling to adapt to a workforce that is newly focused on personal well-being and mental health. Companies are competing to retain and attract top talent, and jobseekers are prioritizing positions that offer comprehensive benefits including mental health and well-being support. Small businesses are struggling to offer their people the same level of HR services and benefits that larger companies can more easily afford.

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Questco has identified this challenge and is partnering with Espyr to offer mental health resources, counseling, and comprehensive well-being programs to its clients. Questco and Espyr’s partnership will enable small and growing businesses to attract and retain top talent by offering leading-edge benefits.

“The world is experiencing a revolution in the workplace. Successful companies are adapting by offering high-quality benefits and mental health services to support their people,” said Questco CEO Jason Randall. “While small and growing businesses often get left behind in times of change, Questco strives to empower our clients to lead the way. With Espyr’s help, Questco can offer our clients the well-being services jobseekers are looking for so they can remain competitive in the highly evolving labor market.”

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“Espyr aims to provide comprehensive mental health and well-being support to enhance the lives of people in all industries while increasing productivity and boosting morale within the workplace,” said Rick Taweel, CEO of Espyr. “It brings me great pleasure to know that our partnership with Questco will help businesses offer these vital services to teams that otherwise might not have access to them.”

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