Global Upside Sponsors Equal Rights Advocates (ERA) Gala 2021

  • The Company Continues to Support the Fight Toward Restoring Social Justice.

Global Upside the leading provider of accounting, human resources, payroll, PEO, and talent acquisition global services  has announced they will be sponsoring the Equal Rights Advocates (ERA) Gala of 2021.

For over 46 years, ERA has supported working families and students in the United States by devoting efforts toward advancing civil rights and equal opportunity for those most affected by injustice in the workplace and in educational institutions, especially women of color and low-paid workers. ERA helps women and families thrive, challenges racial inequities, and ensures equal opportunity for everyone.

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This year, the virtual gala will take place on Thursday, September 23, 2021, at 4:00pm PDT with the theme “The Future Is…” inviting the community to fill in the blanks on their vision of an inclusive and just future. The gala raises awareness to the ways in which women and minorities are disproportionately affected by pay discrepancies, social injustices, and prompts open discussions on possible resolutions. Featured speakers include Maria Hinojosa, Rosario Dawson, former CA Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.

“We are extremely honored to be sponsoring the Equal Rights Advocates Gala for another year. At Global Upside we are committed to constant growth in diversity, and ensuring that everyone on our team, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or orientation, feels included and heard. I strongly believe that diversity and equality is a significant contributing factor to a company’s success,” said Gita Bhargava, Chief Operating Officer.

HR Technology News: Skillsoft Makes Digital Learning Collaborative and Social With New Percipio App for Microsoft Teams

Bhargava has firsthand experience in interacting and collaborating with a diverse pool of individuals on a daily basis. One of her top priorities is to ensure that the women of Global Upside know that they are valued just as much as their male counterparts. Within the company, she has established a series of monthly women’s group meetings, providing an open space for the females of Global Upside to share thoughts, concerns, aspirations, and challenges with one another.

Global Upside has been a life-long advocate for equal rights and has established a culture which prioritizes equality and inclusion. This will be the company’s second year serving as one of Equal Rights Advocates ‘most dedicated partners,’ and sponsoring the organization in their ongoing initiatives toward achieving social justice. Additionally, Bhargava and Nandita Verma VP, Marketing will be appointed to ERA’s 2021 Honorary Steering Committee, in recognition of their dedication towards advocating for gender equality.

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