Intellect Launches Personalized End-to-end Mental Healthcare Support for Modern Workplaces

Mental healthcare support apps have emerged as an important part of a modern employee benefits program. Over the years, the number of employees complaining about mental health issues originating due to workplace-related stress and fatigue have grown exponentially. Employees still associate their mental health issues to stigma in the society, forcing them to look for behind-the-walls solutions. A lack of awareness on their employer’s part can quickly escalate the situation, forcing the employees to either go into a shell before giving up and quitting the job.

Now, there is a solution.

To help modern workplaces identify new-age mental challenges and to solve the recurring job-related mental issues, a SE-Asian mental healthtech startup company launched a new mental healthcare support through online conversations. The startup we are referring to is Intellect, and their new offering is called Intellect 2.0. Intellect 2.0 will offer personalized mental healthcare support through its contact center. Callers can dial in to a 24/7 hotline for 1:1 private coaching and clinical interventions via a panel of experts This effort would bolster the Employee Assistance Program services that are available in the region.

What is Intellect 2.0?

Workplace conditions have a significant impact on the mental wellbeing of the employees. A better mental healthcare support at workplace can save organizations millions of dollars annually. Employees who avail the benefits of a corporate mental healthcare support program perform better at workplace, contribute more to the organization, and stay longer with the company. In short, employers and employees benefit from a mental healthcare support system.

Intellect 2.0 is an end-to-end suite of services to help companies across Southeast Asia directly address mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Intellect 2.0 aims to support businesses to improve their Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) with instantaneous clinical interventions and timely, critical support online, over the phone, and face-to-face.

Intellect is a modern-day mental health company with a mission to make mental healthcare and wellbeing support accessible for workforces and individuals. Serving leading organizations and over 3 million users through its platform, Intellect is the largest and fastest growing mental health tech company in Asia. Having been the recipient of Human Resources Online’s Best Corporate Wellness Provider award, Intellect is backed by leading investors including Tiger Global, Insignia Ventures Partners, Y Combinator, HOF Capital, MS&AD Ventures, East Ventures, and many more leading venture funds, family offices, big tech executives as well as renowned angel investors.

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Intellect 2.0’s End-To-End Mental Health Support 

The state of mental health in the workplace is a pressing concern for employers and employees, with a 2022 Intellect study conducted with Milieu Insight finding just 57% of Singaporeans rated their mental health as “good”, “very good” or “excellent”. A 2023 Intellect survey of HR professionals also found 41% rated their mental health to be “fair,” “poor,” “very poor,” or “extremely poor.” Of those surveyed, many said they do not have access to the necessary tools to combat this emotional fallout and lack recognition for their work, resulting in increased levels of fatigue.

Building on Intellect’s world-class programs, Intellect 2.0 is designed for everyday support for employees – including quick clinical interventions for stressful circumstances, coaching and psychiatric services, and a 24/7 hotline and EAP concierge service for critical incident stress management.


Intellect’s responders across the APAC region are equipped to provide employees and HR professionals with timely helpline support in 17 countries across the region, and can proficiently deliver immediate support and de-escalate critical cases. Subsequently, follow-up coaching and clinical sessions can be done virtually or in-person at Intellect clinics.

Theodoric Chew, Co-founder & CEO of Intellect says, “As Intellect expanded in the region, we observed an increasing need to complement our preventative care services with a strong safety net in the form of an in-house EAP. Intellect 2.0 is designed to bridge the gaps of existing EAPs that may prevent employees from receiving the critical responsive care they need.

With the updated suite of services we provide, our clients can rest easy using our scientifically validated, clinical responsive care that drives tangible benefits for organizations. Furthermore, our in-house experts work closely with external partners to co-create the current full-stack platform to address the holistic continuum of mental health care.”

The launch includes the rollout of Intellect Dimensions, a proprietary mental health screening that evaluates wellbeing and productivity of workforces across five facets: psychological resources, work outcomes, wellbeing, stigma, and absenteeism. It also provides employers with anonymized, scientifically-backed measurements of the return on investment from their wellbeing programs empowering them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their organizational well-being. Intellect Dimensions has been scientifically validated through an extensive research study, and is estimated to deliver 14 times returns for businesses.

With many stressors stemming from financial challenges, physical ailments, or legal issues significantly impacting an individual’s mental health, Intellect 2.0 offers new partnerships with ancillary services such as MoneyOwl and Alive Nutrition. These partnerships help to address the interconnected aspects of wellbeing, and provide the holistic support employees need to thrive personally and professionally. These will be available via group webinars and workshops, private consultations with experts, and app-based services.

Chuin Ting Weber, CEO of MoneyOwl says, “We are excited to partner with Intellect and contribute to their vision of holistic wellbeing. Financial health is an integral part of overall wellbeing, and our team at MoneyOwl is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals. Together, we aim to create a positive impact by supporting Intellect’s clients in their journey towards better wellbeing.”

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