tilr Corporation Partners With Skinz.gg

tilr Corporation is pleased to announce its partnership with Skinz.gg, the first health and wellness company for video-gamers, to provide millions of gaming community members, coders, and software engineers with advanced technology to find jobs instantly in tilr’s marketplace. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, tilr and Skinz.gg have come together to create the world’s first dedicated job portal for anyone specifically looking for employment in the field of videogaming.

tilr is an artificial intelligence-driven, ‘Skill Matching and Skill Mapping’, patent-pending hiring platform that automates the recruitment process by using skills to instantly connect companies with job seekers, enhancing both workers’ lives and companies’ bottom lines. From the Skinz.gg website, job-seekers can now input their skills, set up their job preferences, practice, schedule and attend live interviews, discover skills gaps and take retraining or ‘up-skilling’ courses, granted instant access to the millions of job opportunities presently available within the tilr database.

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“We see great synergies between the meteoric rise of esports, online gaming, and innovations in digital engineering with tilr’s gamified formula for instantly matching the best prospective employees with employers, improving what has until now been an outdated recruitment system,” stated tilr Co-Founder and CEO, Stephen Shefsky. “The largest age demographic in the gaming community is that of 35-44-year-olds. These are men and women with, often, families to support, who may have overnight lost their ability to do so as a result of the coronavirus.  We are privileged to partner with Skinz.gg, ‘plugging in’ directly with software and graphic designers, coders, and more. tilr has jobs directly aligned with their skills in our database and we want to help those looking for work to find it.”

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tilr’s skill mapping technology enables human resources (HR) departments in the videogaming space to hire faster, more intelligently, and with greater human capital management (HCM) efficacy. With tilr’s technology, companies only receive the most qualified candidates, rather than having to sift through resumes and applications from unqualified applicants, because an efficient search process is better for both the enterprise and the job-seeker.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with tilr to support one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries in the world,” said Skinz.gg Co-Founder and President, Gary Kleinman. “With nearly 3 billion gamers globally, employment in the space is growing exponentially. As a lifestyle platform, it’s not enough to provide exceptional products; we want to help gamers power the performance of their life, from their employment to finances and social life. For those looking for jobs and careers in gaming, the best way to do that is with tilr’s artificial intelligence and skill mapping.”

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