The Value in Making Your Next Job Posting a Video

Studies show that 72% of people see video playing a role in the hiring process of the future – which isn’t surprising if you step back and look at how recruitment and video content can be interrelated. Recruitment is a process where building a connection is one of the most important elements. And, video is one of the most compelling ways to engage and communicate with one another.

In the last decade alone, we’ve seen video grow tremendously– it’s become how we watch daily entertainment, build brand awareness, communicate on social channels, and beyond. But what’s interesting about video is it’s perforated almost every industry, job function, digital channel, and more, but it hasn’t made too much of an impact on the recruitment process – yet.

Hiring new employees has to date been a business process that’s been primarily driven by text. The job description is written out, required skills are bulleted into a list, and candidates apply with a resume that’s (usually) written out with all their accomplishments. But there’s a downside of relying solely on text for a process that requires such a large amount of human connection; the company can’t accurately portray why their culture and company values stand out from the rest, and the candidate is forced to sum up a lifetime of accomplishments in a few paragraphs.

Thankfully, there’s a solution and a better way for companies and job applicants to communicate about open job postings – and that’s using video. What’s even better is video benefits both the company and the candidate because it offers what written descriptions lack – an engaging, authentic, and interactive way to show uniqueness. Companies can show off their most popular employee perks, and applicants can put a face on their accomplishments.

So, what happens if you make your next job posting a video?

You Ensure the Right Fit

Unfortunately, there are many cases where a job looks great from a skills perspective, but the company itself isn’t a “culture fit.” This goes both ways as more and more companies today want to ensure they’re hiring someone that can not only do the job at hand but fit in well with their staff and be a value add to the particular team they’re joining.

By incorporating video into the mix, companies can give a virtual office tour to show off cool parts of the office, or interview current employees about why they love working there. Candidates can use video to show off their personality or even give hiring managers a glimpse into their favorite personal activity. Whatever the scenario may be, video helps ensure that the “right fit” is found and helps eliminate the dreaded unknowns.

You Put Forth Your Digital-First Strategy

Digital transformation is at the top of many CEO’s lists for how to further evolve companies, however, businesses that see the most digital disruption are those that have the tools and skills in place to set up success. This means that in order to successfully digitally transform, businesses must make digital strategies a company pillar and enforce change amongst all employees.

Beyond the fact that people spend an extraordinary amount of time with their digital devices, today’s employees want to work for a company that has a digital-forward mindset. That means that if a company is using video for job postings, they’re most likely using video for other internal engagement and processes as well – and that could be the deciding factor for the candidate. In the end, video not only helps attract the best talent, but it plays a role in retaining it as well as effective employee engagement directly correlates to positive business outcomes.

There’s no time to waste when it comes to finding the right candidate for a company, which means it’s time for recruitment processes to catch up with the rest of the enterprise and use modern, engaging content to communicate more effectively. So if more video postings mean a larger talent pool to sort through, then you can almost guarantee that the most perfect candidate is among them.

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