How to Write Employer Brand Content That Will Make Recruiting Easier

Finding talent has become the task of the 21st century. It’s not only an issue of HR departments and managers but a question that’s important for the world’s economy as a whole. In 1997, analysts from McKinsey coined the term war for talent. The basic premise of this concept and the book that came out from it is that recruiting will, naturally, become increasingly competitive as time goes by.

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Long gone are the days where the candidate’s task was to impress the company and prove that they are valuable enough for a job position in a company. Now, the situation is almost completely the opposite: the hiring process starts by companies presenting themselves as desirable workplaces through employer branding.

In this guide, we will be looking at some of the strategies for employer brand content that will make it easier for you to attract A-players to your team.

Be original and unique

The corporate world has its own lingo and traditions that have become so cliché that they are now themes for jokes and memes.

How to Write Employer Brand Content That Will Make Recruiting Easier

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If you want a potential candidate to think that you’re different from all the rest, “boring” places to work, you need to actually demonstrate that. In other words, share employer branding content that’s completely original and unique to your actual workplace. Don’t recycle content or over-share someone else’s.

Work with experts

There are a lot of content experts who are working in the field of recruiting and HR. There has been an increase in demand for these professionals when it comes to writing job listings, descriptions, documentation, brochures, and much more. Among these things, employer brand content is another important task that’s usually outsourced to pros.

For example, an academic writing service with great reviews and ratings can help you craft perfect employer content. Just share as many details about your company, workplace, culture, and the position and experts can help you formulate all those ideas and features into captivating content.

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All about social media

As you probably know already, recruiting has turned towards social media so much that it’s become a major resource in the HR industry. We are not just talking about LinkedIn here. Nowadays, businesses are sharing their blog posts, photos, videos, and ultimately job listings across many different social media platforms.

One of the reasons for this is that you never know who you are going to connect with and engage with on social media. These networks now have algorithms that are so sophisticated and elegant that you are more likely to be seen by, for example, a developer if you are an app development company.

This allows you to connect with top talent on a much more personal basis. Even before the hiring and recruiting process begins, you will have relevant connections that might just prove to be perfect candidates.

Promote your team and their successes

A-players are more interested in what it’s like working in their respective (future) team than the company as an entirety. It’s great to know fun and interesting details about the company, too, and you should definitely share this type of content as well, but when it comes to recruiting, you will peak higher interest if you scale it down a bit.

This means employing storytelling techniques to your employer branding strategy. When you are posting on social media or your company blog, you want to paint a clear picture of what it’s like to work in your team. This includes presenting the projects you’re most proud of (and describing the process behind them), spotlighting your team members, documenting team building events, parties, happy hours…

In short, it’s just like Instagram for companies: you want to leave the impression that working in your company, as part of that particular team, is beautiful. That’s how you attract top talent.


You definitely shouldn’t underestimate the power of employer branding. With social media and digital resources, businesses now have a high degree of control over how their companies are presented online. Ultimately, that leads to decisions whether or not someone wants to work there. When you are in a war for talent, every candidate counts.

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