How Mind Mapping Software Started Visual Thinking Evolution

Mind mapping is a well-known and invaluable tool for boosting the creative thinking process. It has been used for many years. Everyone remembers drawing graphs, schemes, tables, diagrams, and charts on whiteboards either personally or as a team, in turn or all together adding individual ideas and features to the overall visual picture. 

With the advance of technology, separate mind mapping options have grown into the whole industry of software development. They have become a powerful means of growing businesses and reaching the most ambitious goals. They are used for brainstorming and exploring ideas, for information presentations, and strategy development in a uniquely visual way.

Moreover, mind mapping applications can be used for personal and educational purposes, note-taking and creative productions as well. Though, this article regards the only one aspect of this software use meaning business that would benefit much from using it.

Useful Tools for Mind Mapping, Diagramming and Creating Visual Content

Mind mapping software, in general, is a revamped variant of the old-school diagrams drawn on whiteboards. Modern software development companies have taken the same concept and applied it to some special IT programs. You can find a lot of options for brand-new mind mapping software on the Internet. Among the best variants you can consider the following ones:

  1. Canva: It offers a lot of room for creativity. A program is an online tool that provides a lot of free and paid images for creating infographics, flow charts, visually stunning work boards, or just mind maps. You can get 1 GB cloud storage for free with it, and a collection of 8 000 visual pieces to choose from.
  2. MindMeister: More than 7 million people all over the world are using it, and most of them use it for business. It contains various options, formatting styles, and templates. They can be used for creating flowcharts, structured data diagrams, map layouts, and strategic visuals.
  3. FreeMind: Any computer software engineer can tell you that this program has a very simple UI which is friendly for beginners. Its drag and drop function allows copying different images in various styles adding ready references, tables, and simple geometric shapes in color codes for better visual distinction. It also allows a variety of integrations which is quite beneficial for a software development team or any other business unit within a company.
  4. LucidChart: It is web-based mapping software that becomes helpful for businesses of any size. The software is lined up with other online tools and communication models. Integration support allows embedding various data received from a third-party app. You can also export your file to the whole range of devices.
  5. MindManager: This tool integrates easily with Microsoft Office and provides a visual framework of mind maps, easy navigation, and a dashboard map to have a distinct picture of what is going on. As the open-source mind mapping software, it also has multi-language support, as well as Android and iOS apps to keep up your work while on the go.

There are many other variants of software for mind mapping. You can consider such options as Popplet, Scapple,, Coggle, Microsoft Visio, and many others. All of them are quite specific and unique, though they are united with one amazing feature – they can create vivid diagrams and any other types of visual content for introducing creativity and long-term strategic planning into the whole business or educational process.

There is no general idea about the best mind mapping software for your business. It depends on your requirements. That is why you may want to do some Internet research on the cons and pros of every suggested software item. The general recommendation is to use the program which could provide simple UI, feasibility for your project management skills optimization, and easy workflow.

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Which Problems These Tools Solve for the User 

The entire mind mapping software has a bunch of essential and common features that make it so helpful for businesses, educators, psychologists, or anyone’s personal and professional development. They are:

  • file uploads;
  • unlimited canvases;
  • communication and collaboration options which are cloud-synced;
  • file extensions and save options;
  • diagramming tools and drawing features.

People often ask the question: how much does it cost to develop software? The answer may also differ. Of course, it will cost much more if you order the map minding software development specifically for your company. However, to start with, it is better to consider the recommended options for the benefits they can bring to their users.

  1. Canva can help you create informative designs through multi-format overlays. You will also be able to export different images with various extensions of files. The HD image quality is quite high, so everything will look nice and smooth.
  2. MindMeister allows various project management options affecting functionality, including collaboration tools and integrated time stamps. It also helps create mind maps in a team to prioritize tasks and set deadlines. The software contains tools that help create presentations with business intelligence data and data graphs. It makes it possible to embed visuals in webpages for online visitors.
  3. FreeMind helps to make useful visuals like diagrams by choosing from a variety of shapes and colors to create efficient mind map nodes. The big advantage is a one-click navigation feature allowing simple use. It also allows embedding URLs in different parts of a diagram to redirect its users to any external sources. Multiple operating systems are smoothly supported by this software.
  4. LucidChart is perfect for any fast-growing IT or online business because it does not have any complex installations. New features are constantly brought to the program allowing communication and collaboration in group chats, project boards, or IM. The software is supported by many data centers and encryption allows keeping your data secure around the clock.
  5. MindManager can be used for making connections and giving your team the push. It is helpful because of the ability to add more nodes, links, files, as well as adjust them to the software and your needs. The program also allows task management and project planning functions. It makes any mind map looking professionally and lined up with industry standards.

In short, all of these options are quite beneficial, and they can make the life of project managers and their teams much easier. Even if the senior software engineer’s salary is quite high, it is indisputable that their work is worth it.

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As a conclusion, let’s discuss why a business owner should invest in mind mapping software. The interest of both IT software companies and business owners should coincide here. The first gain their profit immediately while carrying out the tasks and orders, and the latter would benefit much in the short-term and long-term perspective.

There are a lot of benefits brought to any company by using mind mapping software. Let’s enlist just some of them:

  • facilitating innovative thinking within the company;
  • saving time and effort of the whole team;
  • making business processes going more smoothly and effectively;
  • developing coordination and collaboration within the company;
  • collecting ideas and promoting creativity;
  • setting up reasonable stages and deadlines;
  • making goals and objectives clearer and more understandable for project managers and their teams;
  • collecting important data for analysis and making summaries;
  • boosting developments in short-term and long-term strategies;

All these improvements are sure to help the company’s growth and strengthen its position on the market.

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