Coworking Spaces: The Importance of Community

The world of coworking spaces has experienced a boom in recent years, starting as a simple desire to share opinions and support until it becomes a huge reality.

Every day, entrepreneurs plan to start working in coworking spaces. Their main objective is to make this place not only a workspace but also a dynamic and enriching environment for all.

To achieve this, it is essential that space is not managed the same way as an office. First, you should ask yourself about the type of atmosphere you would like in the space: functional, minimalist, multifunctional design, etc. The atmosphere will allow coworkers to automatically adopt a collaborative attitude.

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Therefore, it is important to take into account this basic element before starting. Then, you can begin your efforts into making the coworking space the home of a business community.

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Some elements that can help strengthen a single community in a coworking space are:

  • Website: If the coworking space has an elaborate and attractive website, you can see the remarkable effort to please the users. Your co-workers will recognize themselves within the elements of your website. This page should have enough flexibility to accommodate different profiles. The establishment of a communication platform for employees will allow them to develop as a group through the dissemination of their various works.
  • United Community: A feeling of permanence to the community must be achieved through differentiation tools. For example, installing locks that work with fingerprints or allowing restricted access to certain people (summer camps for children, coupons, parking spaces, etc.)
  • Concern for the Business Community: Small surprises in the kitchen from time to time or celebrating the birthday of coworkers will reinforce people’s sense of belonging and encourage them to stay in a space where life is good.
  • Social networks: Social networks cannot fail when it comes to managing a coworking space. Everyone is connected. The main objective is to unite the workspace with the outside living space.
  • Internal and External Communication: Another important aspect is that the coworking space offers a solution to communicate with customers or with other colleagues. You can communicate through the internet or through the phone, it does not necessarily have to be done in person. For example, there are many coworking spaces that have a virtual PBX phone system. One of the great advantages of the PBX is that it allows customers to call one phone number that all coworkers may share. However, thanks to a few phrases and a menu of options, customers can directly contact the department or person they are looking for just by pressing a key, in addition to the many more features that a virtual PBX can offer.
  • Form Relationships: Propose activities within the coworking space to strengthen the relationships between different colleagues. Allow them to take part in team spirit and community, such as breakfasts, themed days, Christmas dinners, or more.

In summary, a coworking space is not just about finding a room to put furniture in. It helps maintain relationships with trust for each co-worker and create a sense of team spirit. By creating a coworking space, work can be done much more efficiently with the direct help from others by your side. Bring a sense of community into your office by taking your staff to a coworking office today.

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