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7 Reasons to Empower Your HR Team with AI Chatbots

75% of HR leadersproprofs-logo expect to start working with intelligent machines within the next three years. Chatbots are disrupting the industry, they say. These automated solutions, capable of working, communicating, and learning on their own, are uprooting inefficiency and driving business growth. They take care of repetitive tasks, they’re super fast with data, they help with recruitment, they ensure better employee experiences, and they’re always online. It’s no wonder then that 87% of CEOs intend to expand their AI workforce.

Here’s why you should absolutely do so too:

1. Automation Helps Increase Efficiency

Manual data entry, repetitive tasks, and communications delay. If these concepts sound unfamiliar to you, that’s only because the digital age has graced us with solutions that allow us to automate mundane operations and focus on more meaningful work. Standing at the forefront of this technological boom, chatbots take the automation even further.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing enable them to perform less complex operations in our stead without ever getting tired or burnt out. What’s more, chatbots perform these tasks much faster than human beings. In the context of HR, such digital assistants can do everything from assessing employee performance to resolving employee queries, thus freeing time for creative problem-solving. The result is a more efficient HR team.

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2. Chatbots Provide Quicker Responses

Let’s take employee queries as an example. A previously cited survey by BotCore showcases that 99% of respondents say it’s valuable for employees to feel they could find information on company policies after work hours. Chatbots are perfect for this since they are online 24/7.

While their automatic nature allows them to provide quick, real-time responses, their natural language processing capabilities enable them to communicate just like human beings. Their answers are instantaneous and natural. Add to that the possibility to connect an HR chatbot with a company’s internal knowledge base, and you get an assistant that’s always available and always informed.

3. They Deliver Better Employee Experiences

Workload, stress level, and general working conditions are some of the most important factors in employee satisfaction. As all HR experts know, satisfaction goes hand in hand with productivity. That’s why the HR’s goal should always be to strive towards delivering better employee experiences. Less workload and better communication are a good way to start.

Chatbots can contribute to employee satisfaction in other ways than this. They can collect and analyze employee feedback, for instance, and provide HR with invaluable insight into working conditions. Speaking of workplace comfort, 2/3 of BotCore’s respondents are comfortable using chatbots.

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4. Bots Offer Help in Annual Assessments

As crucial as they are, annual employee assessments are still somewhat outdated. Most HR leaders agree that the traditional approach to this process is ineffective simply because it takes too much of the company’s time, energy, and resources. Outsource this to chatbots, and what you have is an automatic, frictionless process. Digital assistants can deploy quizzes and surveys and assess employee performance.

By facilitating real-time feedback collection, they can save HR teams months of spadework. Annual reviews can be performed entirely via chat, without any need to fill out forms, which is an effective way of ensuring maximum participation from the millennial employees.

5. Automation Facilitates Onboarding Too

 The combination of a comprehensive knowledge base and a well-designed chatbot can help HR teams facilitate the onboarding process as well. The digital assistant can work together with your HR training software to deliver learning resources and assess knowledge retention through quizzes. Being available 24/7 and across all devices, chatbots can seamlessly enrich the learning experience.

As a part of your online training software, these smart automation solutions will be there to resolve any doubt and provide helpful answers even in the middle of the night. During work hours, they will be at your new employees’ fingertips for just about any difficulty they may experience before they are fully on-boarded.

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6. They Unlock a New Approach to Hiring

 Any question about potential responsibilities, company policies, or job descriptions can be answered by chatbots timely, which amounts to two important things. First, HR specialists can focus on other important tasks, such as pre-interview screening. Second, the applicants’ first experience with the company is positive signifying trust and professionalism.

That way, Artificial Intelligence makes the application process far more transparent while accelerating recruitment at the same time. Real-time feedback collection can be of immense help in hiring. Instead of having to gather, organize, and analyze every information on candidates, HR specialists can rely on chatbots to automate those taxing tasks.

7. AI Enables Automated Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis looks for textual cues in order to identify positive, negative, or neutral attitudes of the person who wrote the text. Thanks to Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, digital assistants can perform this complex operation using nothing but a piece of the chat thread.

While chatting with a potential employee, chatbots can collect not only the explicit data sent by the applicant but also the unintentional sentiment cues showcased through language. This is a brilliant way to outline the candidate’s psychological profile and evaluate their people skills, as well as their general attitude towards the company.

Wrap Up

 AI chatbots are too good to ignore. They are a game-changing technology. The fact that they are still evolving makes their potential for business applications virtually limitless. Deploy one in your HR department to boost efficiency and enrich employee experiences.

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