4 Ways to Improve HR Communication

As with most things in life, communication is critical when introducing or launching HR programs and services. Effectively relaying the details and benefits of HR plans and programs is essential to getting buy-in on these initiatives from employees. And employee support is paramount to the success of most HR programs and services.

There are many ways HR professionals can improve communication about activity in their department, whether advertising open enrollment or rolling out new technology – here are four to try to today:

#1: Listen to your employees

Remember, communication is a two-way street. Listening to employees’ concerns, ideas and questions is just as important as clearly articulating HR initiatives. When introducing a new process that applies to all employees, HR professionals can hold Q&A sessions so employees can voice their concerns and offer feedback. This shows employees that their voice matters, while also giving HR a chance to mitigate confusion and create an inclusive and transparent work culture. A virtual “suggestions box” built into the employee portal can also be a great way to get in touch with and respond to employees’ concerns.

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#2: Take advantage of technology

Advances in technology and digital tools have enabled HR professionals to communicate in dynamic and attention-grabbing ways.

“We can leverage technology to improve communication in ways we couldn’t even imagine a few years ago,” said internal communications consultant Ron Shewchuk, in an interview with HR Voice. “We need to create opportunities for positive shared experiences, to keep people informed, to recognize accomplishments and to engage employees.”

From video conferences to employee self-service tools, HR professionals should look for creative and exciting ways to boost interaction when it comes to HR information.

#3: Prioritize accessibility

HR communication is further strengthened when HR professionals prioritize accessibility and ease of use. Employees are more likely to positively engage in and absorb HR materials and policies when they can do so painlessly and conveniently. Also consider that employees may be overwhelmed by the materials you provide and avoid them altogether.

HR technology that includes employee self-service and a communications portal where important HR forms can be stored and easily accessed can help address this concern. This way, HR departments can efficiently disseminate information and satisfy employee demands for more convenient access to important company documents.

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#4: Steer clear of jargon

No matter what the vehicle, clear and concise language is the most effective way to communicate HR policies and procedures. Though acronyms and industry terms may be second-nature to you, many employees may end up scratching their heads – and tuning out as a result. You want to make sure you communicate HR material in real and relatable terms. For example, outline the specific savings employees will see if they enroll in a specific health insurance plan instead of just saying that they’ll save money.

With these four tips and an innovative HR technology solution, you can improve HR communication with employees.

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