EduTech Providers are Redefining Corporate Training and Skilling

Today’s new innovations in EdTech and e-learning are important to businesses and institutions, given the need for learners (students, business executives, others) to consume knowledge and upskill via remote models. Edutech providers are leveraging new technologies to personalize the future of learning while creating a better end user digital learning experience.

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A few Edtech providers creating waves in the market:

  1. Taleo

Taleo is a cloud platform tailored specifically for small businesses and enterprises. Taleo offers Learn Cloud Service which helps the companies to offer courses to aid employee’s career development, which in turn helps them to retain employees. Oracle Taleo offers the Learn Cloud Service for both new and current employees and can be customized to fit the business. Some of its features include: online content management, blended learning plans (for users who want a traditional classroom setting, online learning, etc.), sub-portals (for specific employees, partners, or customers), and social learning (allow users to rate or discuss content or class).

  1. Bridge

Built on an industry leading learning platform, Bridge is one of the well-known software solutions that combines features like learning management, performance management, career development, and engagement measurement into one unified experience to enhance the development of employees. By offering virtual training, manager/employees 1:1s, and career growth plans, Bridge helps remote staff to remain connected and helps companies to develop their employees. Bridge also provides innovative career development and planning tools, and pulse survey and employee engagement /analytics as some of its features.

  1. CoachHub

Coachhub is a digital coaching platform that allows professionals to council employees of a company to help them with the development of their career. The platform offers holistic people development to companies on a global scale. It offers personalised content to each client to help their employees achieve better results. On CoachHub clients have the choice between several certified coaches who offer remote video coaching sessions. The platform also offers measurement tools to track employee progress.


Everfi is a learning management system designed to help businesses manage their training/learning programs. It aims to strengthen the company culture with effective HR and compliance training. Everfi is best known for its financial courses. It allows you to choose any combination of their financial training courses to create a compliance training program that can not only help the managers to follow the law but also to help them with the required leadership skills.

  1. Fuse Universal

Fuse Universal is a UK based learning management systems best suited for Small & Medium companies. It lets companies build a culture of continuous learning and deliver measurable improvements in business performance. Fuse offers all the features of an LMS with advanced analytics and AI and is used by renowned companies like Spotifu, Dropbox, and Vodafone.  Some of Fuse’s key features include content and learning management, peer-to-peer learning, dynamic layouts, coaching and feedback, performance enablement and more. Fuse’s lets companies connect and share their knowledge and engage their teams globally.

  1. Udemy Business

Udemy Business is designed for small to large businesses and non-profit organizations. The learning platform enables businesses to stay competitive by helping them create custom courses, assign them to employees and track their progress via a dashboard. Udemy offers a collection of over 2500 top rated courses, which are a mix of key business and technical topics ranging from development and IT to leadership, marketing, design and stress management. In addition to a curated content collection, organizations can also host and distribute their own proprietary content on Udemy. Companies like PayPal, Lyft,, Pinterest, Capgemini, and HSBC choose Udemy for Business.

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  1. ProProfs

ProProfs is a cloud based learning management solution exclusively designed for businesses, corporate trainers and educational institutions.  With an objective to help users create engaging courses for learners, ProProfs provides several cutting edge features such as online course & assessments creator, feedback tools such as online survey & poll software and even learning aids such as a flashcards maker. It supports over 70 languages that help in creating multi-lingual courses for learners spread across the globe. The pricing starts at $79.00 per month. There is a free version available, and they also offer a free trial.

  1. Udacity

Udacity for Enterprise partners with companies to develop customized solutions designed to build agility into their organization and help them operate at scale. Udacity offers a wide variety of industry-specific Nanodegree programs in critical areas where the need is high, and talent is hard to find. Udacity offers value added services such as mentorship, expert instructors, portfolio & resume reviews, career coaching, and more. Some features exclusive to their enterprise plan are customized learning paths tailored to the company’s needs, company and team-specific learning paths, multi-year digital transformation strategy planning, curriculum development and review and more.

  1. Coursera

Launched in August 2016, Coursera for business enables companies to leverage Coursera’s range of learning content to deliver an enterprise learning solution that helps companies confront business challenges to stay competitive. Coursera serves over 1,500 customers, 60+ of which are Fortune 500 companies. Coursera enables the customers to benefit from its key features including curated, in-depth content from over 170 top universities, reputable and stackable certifications, and centralized program management & progress tracking tools. It allows the user to do all of this at the convenience of their own schedule, with Coursera’s robust mobile platform.

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  1. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is a cloud based learning platform that is designed with keeping the learners experience in mind. The solutions offered are a combination of a powerful LMS (SAP Litmos Training) and a robust course library (SAP Litmos Training Content). The platform enables targeted learning, it boosts employee experience and loyalty, empowers people with knowledge that drives a better customer experience, which in turn improves KPIs across the enterprise. Millions of users across 20 industries and more than 130 countries use SAP Litmos to learn better.