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Diversity Recruitment Software to Help you Inculcate a More Inclusive Hiring Experience!

Diversity and Inclusion should start with diversity being a part of the overall recruitment process. A recruiting software manages the process of posting jobs and helping to find and attract top talent for vacant positions within a company.  Diversity Recruitment software enables the company to use the right tech and automate the hiring process and help the HR professionals to hire without any unconscious bias during the recruiting process.

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Here are some well-known software that can help you build out a more inclusive hiring process.

  1. Yello

Yello is a talent acquisition software that takes care of the hiring process from the first step to the last. That is right from the recruitment events through scheduling an interview, Yello manages the full candidate lifecycle. This leading campus recruitment platform aims to deliver a personalised experience to every job seeker, which in turn results in quality candidates. Its recruiting metrics provides insights that lead to more data driven decisions and help in optimizing the recruiting operations. Yello, currently, is used in over 70 countries and serves about 100 of the fortune 500 companies.

  1. Plum.io

Plum.io was built with a mission to help companies grow by hiring and retaining the top talent by leveraging artificial intelligence and by applying organisational psychology. Plum helps companies to measure skills like communication and innovation, which helps companies to quantify the human potential of the employee and helps the company to build a predictive talent database.  The talent database ensures that the right people are put in the right role and also helps the companies to curb the biases that are common via other selection methods. Plum.io is used by companies like Deloitte, Bentley, Scotiabank, and more.

  1. Tripplebyte

The feature that makes Tripplebyte different from other diversity recruiting tools is that it is a technical talent search tool. Tripplebyte helps the recruiters to source the best engineers from diverse backgrounds that have been tested on their engineering abilities. The software was built because of the challenges the engineers face with the other recruiting software because of being unable to show their key strengths. The candidates go through two stages; first is a screening quiz and other is a 2-hour interview round with a senior engineer. The candidates who pass both stages are introduced to companies. Tripplebyte has successfully accessed over 200,000 engineers.

  1. Entelo

With the belief of enabling a better recruiting experience for recruiters and candidates, Entelo helps the teams to efficiently discover and acquire quality talent. The platform is known to be designed with keeping the recruiter’s day-to-day workflow in mind. Entelo offers core recruitment features including performance reporting, automated job postings. Entelo also enables companies to develop greater diversity within their talent pools via diversity filters. It leverages Proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to help you find the best talent and eliminate the unconscious bias with the process. Entelo presently serves over 600 organisations with their recruitment process.

  1. Hiretual

Hiretual was found in 2015 in California. It is an AI powered recruitment platform that helps the recruiters find the right people 10x faster. It helps the companies to source talent across 40 plus platforms like Linkedin, Stack, Twitter etc. and helps screen over 200,000 candidates just in few seconds. The cloud-based recruiting solution can be used across a diverse range of industry verticals. Some key features of Hiretual include AI-based candidate sourcing, pipeline management, customized candidate engagement, team collaboration and rediscover candidates in their ATS/CRM.

  1. PinpointHQ

Pinpoint is an Applicant Tracking System designed for in-house recruitment teams. The software helps in sourcing, selecting and hiring the best candidates with minimum recruiting cost. With its intelligent selection tools and support from its admin team, it helps you identify quickly the best applicants with less time spent on admin related tasks. Another feature is its automated recruitment advertising; Pinpoint attracts the right candidates at the right time. With its focus on retention, the software helps welcome the candidates with a personalised on-boarding experience and engaging them with automated workflows.

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  1. Vervoe

Vervoe’s mission is to make hiring about merit, not background. Vervoe helps the companies to make their hiring decisions based on a candidate’s ability to perform job-related tasks instead of their gender, age, degree, or the attractiveness of their resume. They seamlessly replace the traditional hiring process with the skills assessments and give each and every candidate an opportunity to showcase their talent. Their Machine Learning models help them automatically rank candidates on the basis of their performance. The companies that use Vervoe are known to use skill assessments at the top of the hiring funnel and only meet the most suitable candidates there optimising their time and hiring process.

  1. Bryq

With a mission statement of – Hire talent, not resumes. Bryq is a talent assessment platform that is used across all sizes of companies and levels of recruiters. Bryq helps remove bias from the screening process. It does so by screening the candidates by matching skills and personality to job, encouraging Diversity and Inclusion.  Bryq comes with a database of job profiles for hundreds of job profiles based on proven organisation psychology theories.  It ranks the candidates based on their performance in the objective assessment. Bryq also provides elaborated reports on the candidates for the recruiter to analyse their strengths and weaknesses, allowing for structured interviews along the hiring stages.

  1. Blendoor

Blendoor is a company that specialises in recruiting, SaaS, mobile and people analytics. Bias impacts a company’s ability to hire and retain a diverse workforce. Blendoor uses technology like Machine Learning and data analytics to remove the unconscious bias out of hiring. It uses the data sets that integrate manager reviews, target achievements, and retention data to find a capable candidate, enabling companies to make better hiring decisions based purely on merit. A report by Blendoor named ‘Blendscore’ measures diversity and inclusion based on demographics of leadership, retention, recruiting practices, bias and social impact initiatives. Blendoor offers the companies the largest database of diverse talent. To encourage diversity, it lets job seekers upload resumes, then blurs out their name, age, employment history, criminal background, and even their photo, so employers can focus on qualifications.

  1. Transformify

Transformify is a customizable Freelancer Management System. The software is used in e-learning, management consulting, software development etc. basically industries that rely on freelancers. Its Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps in streamlining and automating the hiring process by helping you shortlist candidates and set appointments. It also offers tool that help you assign projects, manage your bills and invoicing including a self-billing feature. To encourage diversity, the system has a mechanism to alert you on regulations on employing people with disabilities and minorities across a wide range of demographics. The software offers organisations with a large collection of job seekers from more than 150 countries.

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