Entrepreneurs Can Honor Their Mentors in Unique, Meaningful Way This Month

Entrepreneurs now have a unique opportunity to say thank you to the men and women who’ve inspired and empowered them in their business this year. Nominations are open for the inaugural Leader of Impact awards from Entrepreneurs of Success.

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Eligible nominees embody the Entrepreneurs of Success ideals of true leadership:

  • They strive to advance the success of entrepreneurs
  • They desire to make an impact and leave a legacy
  • They are extraordinary in their abilities and their desire to serve
  • They possess a deep desire to inspire others and shape the future of entrepreneurship
  • They are one of the best kept secrets on how they are changing lives

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Winners of this exclusive distinction will be honored at a virtual event in June. They get an exclusive featured interview, participate in a Live “Mentor Momentum Maximizer” event, and qualify to be nominated for the Annual “Marion Award.”

Entrepreneurs of Success is a curated community of seasoned, successful mentors and entrepreneurs who are determined to breakthrough to the top of their industries. The community is made-up of both mentorship and advancing growth opportunities. The three core values of Entrepreneurs of Success are to inspire, empower, and advance entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs of Success’ Founder Sara Khoudary, a strategy marketing and prosperity coach, has been working with entrepreneurs around the world for nearly 25 years with one goal in mind: “Position industry leaders in the top 1% by implementing smart, actionable, marketing strategies.”

Khoudary’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to expand their business and discover success in all aspects of life. She has helped hundreds of business owners make six figures and she’s created several millionaires along the way.

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