DriveitAway Introduces Vehicle Ownership Program for Employers to Relieve Labor Shortage

“Pay as You Go” Vehicle Purchase Enablement Program Helps Entry Level Employees to Get to Work and Employers to Hire & Incentivize New Workers

DriveItAway, the industry leader in automotive dealer new mobility platforms, with its revolutionary subscription to purchase technology, announces its new program for employers to enable vehicle ownership as both a means and incentive for potential new employees to get to work.


“Historically, the lack of private vehicle ownership has always been a major problem for entry level employees – jobs, particularly retail jobs, are one place, while good people who need them live a great distance away,” says John F. Possumato, Founder and CEO of DriveItAway. “While it is nice to think that public transportation or carpooling is available, the fact is, in many areas of the United States, it frequently isn’t a viable option, and the cost of car sharing or ride sharing is an unsustainable expense for many, leaving only private vehicle ownership as a practical alternative,” adds Possumato, “If you can’t get to work, you can’t go to work, which creates both unemployment and poverty. Our program, focused on transportation, solves this problem as it enables credit challenged and first time car owners a way to ‘pay as you go’ for immediate vehicle access.”

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The disconnect between where entry level jobs are and where the people who want and need them live has been observed in every area of the United States, and has been documented in “Poverty of the Carless” an academic study researched and written by David King (Arizona State University), Michael J. Smart (Rutgers University), and Michael Manville (University of California), that notes the ever-increasing poverty rate of those households without vehicles throughout the United States. Between 1960 and 2014, the U.S. poverty rate fell from 24 percent to 14 percent, but for households without vehicles, the poverty rate actually rose from 42 percent to 44 percent.

Right now, there is a severe labor shortage of entry level workers, particularly in retail, which historically has been filled over 50% by women. Yet many people who want and need these jobs have no way to regularly get to work providing these potential employees with the job offering combined with the means to get there a program that provides a vehicle and enables ownership on a “pay as you go” basis fixes this problem, rather the temporary or unsustainable fix of inconvenient public transportation or a rental or car pool.

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The DriveItAway “Subscribe to Own” app driven vehicle acquisition platform is the only one of its kind to allow potential new hires, without credit or down payment in hand, to drive the car of their choice immediately, enabling ultimate ownership through a “pay as you go” model. With every rental payment, the renter builds equity towards the vehicle down payment, if the renter decides to buy his/her vehicle.

The program fits the needs of the employment market so well today that some employers and contract labor organizations are choosing to subsidize the first few payments for new employees that sign on to work, thought by many to be a more positive and life changing incentive than a one-time bonus payment or other financial inducements now offered.

An article by the John F. Possumato, CEO of DriveItAway, in the December 2021 issue of Automotive Fleet Magazine, “Can Innovative Fleet Practices Provide Solutions to the National Labor Shortage,” suggests that large companies, by redeploying their regular company off fleet vehicles through the DriveItAway program in this way (instead of selling these vehicles in the traditional way through wholesale auctions), can not only help solve the current worker shortage but achieve ESG goals as well.

Any company, large or small, can implement a program that enables new workers to get to work, and at the same time help eliminate the “poverty of the carless” in their neighborhoods with the DriveItAway vehicle “pay as you go” ownership enablement program.

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