Preventing Burnout in Healthcare Workers One Experience at a Time

  • Healthcare Innovation Helps Combat Stress, Improve Effectiveness, and Reduce Turnover in the Healthcare Field

Healthcare, now more than ever, is some of the most important work in the world, yet constant high-stress situations within the health field directly impact employee burnout. Rejuvenation Station and Rejuvenation Station GO! are brand new immersive experiences designed and proven to mitigate the stress that accompanies healthcare work. The service provides a fix to burnout in less than six minutes, helping healthcare workers reduce stress, improve effectiveness at work and, at the same time, reduce employee turnover.

“Many individuals may think stress is no big deal or that it’s just part of the job, but we imagine a world in which this is not the standard,” says founder and President of Rejuvenation Station, Annette Ridenour. “Stress has been proven to profoundly affect the physical body and manifest itself in a variety of ways. This is not fair to our healthcare workers who put themselves on the line every day to help people.”

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What is the cost of burnout in healthcare? Approximately $4.6 billion dollars annually. Physician turnover is costly making short-staffed hospital units a detriment to public health. Bringing value to healthcare workers with Rejuvenation Station™ and Rejuvenation Station GO! has tangibly reduced stress for healthcare workers as shown through data collection taken before and after usage. Unlike many audio/visual opportunities marketed as stress-reducing, Rejuvenation Station™ and Rejuvenation Station GO! are the only options on the market that include quantitative assessments before and after usage that allow organizations to measure the real effects on their healthcare staff.

The experience is created using the evidence-based phenomena of biophilia, humans’ innate love and affinity for nature. The immersive audiovisual experience induces the feeling of awe which has been shown to enhance critical and creative thinking faculties, improve health, and increase pro-social behaviors, subsequently improving work and overall wellbeing.

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When implemented at Houston Methodist Hospital, Rejuvenation Station™ allowed nurses and doctors the ability to destress on a regular basis right there on the unit in the department. Co-inventor, David Corbin states, “If these Rejuvenation Stations can improve employee burnout by only a fraction of what it is today, it will improve healthcare delivery for patients and economics for hospitals for years to come.”

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