LYLA Offers Unparalleled New Solution to Empower Strained Workers

LYLA, a Chicago women-owned business celebrated by Fast Company and PC  for preventing employee burnout and improving access to mental health, is connecting more employees to more of the resources they’re demanding. Driven by feedback from LYLA users, which range from front line healthcare workers and clinicians to tech executives working remotely, the new mobile app and web experience incorporates an expressed desire for more intuitive access to real-time solutions that foster a sense of community and peace of mind.

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“Thanks to LYLA, our team members are much more excited about returning to campus.”

Since donating the prototype service platform to Rush University Medical Center during the initial onslaught of the pandemic, LYLA has been listening to its users. “When we first started developing LYLA in 2020, we knew people needed support,” said Founder & CEO Marsha McVicker. “We’ve learned that people need more help than ever with almost anything imaginable, from mental health resources to child and elder care to just finding out if their employer offers any wellness programs. This new release puts everything users care about front and center.”

LYLA gained initial recognition by giving employees autonomy over the support they needed at home while driving connectivity to co-workers. At Intuit, LYLA utilization sky-rocketed with participation in LYLA’s virtual experiences like home cooking challenges and employee resource group (ERG) vendor spotlight events. Now that many companies are going hybrid, LYLA is being used to connect employees to on-site amenities as well.

Intuit employees were excited to give their feedback. “We’re so used to listening to our customers that it was fun being on the other side: evaluating another technology that really makes our lives easier. LYLA listened. This version is easier to use, saves our employees even more time, and ties nicely into our existing workplace programs,” exclaimed an Intuit workplace offering leader. “Thanks to LYLA, our team members are much more excited about returning to campus.”

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LYLA’s update features a complete redesign of both the mobile app and web-based portal, offering a seamless user experience from any platform. This release also introduces an elevated marketplace with immediate access to small businesses from all over the country, focusing on minority- and women-owned companies. From taking care of basic tasks like sending flowers, booking an oil change, or ordering a birthday cake, to more intangible requests like mindfulness, coaching, and motivational tools, the LYLA Marketplace offers a convenient one-stop-shop for all user needs, no matter where they live. Notable partnerships include world renowned wellness experts from Canyon Ranch, childcare consultants from Nanniest, and personal legal assistance from Hello,

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