Jurni App Offers a Sense of Community Between Mental, Physical, and Nutritional Wellness Coaching Sessions

Jurni launches a health and wellness coaching app that is committed to supporting everyone in and out of sessions and focuses on Individualized mental, physical, and/or nutritional wellness

There are 168 hours in a week, and yet it does not seem like there is ever enough time to get things done. This is especially true when it comes to setting goals such as exercising more, eating more balanced meals, and prioritizing mental health. Sometimes extra support, like from a coach, for instance, is needed. However, working with a coach will only cover an hour each week. What about the other 167?

Much of the work will be done in between sessions. The effort put in during that one-hour coaching session can quickly be undone if what is being worked on in the session is not being implemented throughout the week. So, how can people create a circle of support to help them succeed and reach their goals?

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Jurni is a health and wellness coaching app committed to providing support in and out of sessions. Aside from having mental, physical, and nutritional wellness coaching conveniently in one place, there is a newsfeed where anyone can connect with like-minded individuals anytime, anywhere. With Jurni, people can watch stories and short videos to expand their knowledge, laugh through the ups and downs, and lean on others for support. Unlike social media, there are no likes, shares, or filters. The focus is on creating authentic, meaningful connections.

“So many people feel alone in the world. They do not feel like they have a safe, judgment-free space to explore their emotions. They are curious to learn about their experiences and ways to cope. I founded Jurni with the hope of creating that safe space. A space for people to feel seen and heard. A space to lean on others and feel less alone. A space to learn and feel empowered,” says mental health clinician and CEO of Jurni, Sally Mansour.

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Jurni’s vision is to make wellness doable. Every person deserves to be in an environment where they can grow. Jurni wants to help people achieve this by making support convenient and affordable, and by getting at the root of the problem. When people learn about themselves and understand where they are, they can begin to define where they are going.

Every Jurni will be unique. And although every person must walk their own Jurni, it does not mean they have to walk it alone.

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