TeamHealth Upskills in Machine Learning with Pluralsight Skills to Automate Services and Generate $5 Million in Potential Annual Savings

Pluralsight, Inc., the technology workforce development company, announced TeamHealth, a physician services company, upskilled its team in machine learning and AWS using Pluralsight Skills to solve a critical technology objective and deliver cost savings.

TeamHealth offers the highest quality staffing, administrative support and management across the full continuum of health care, from hospital-based practices to post-acute care and ambulatory centers. To empower physicians to provide the best quality care, TeamHealth relies heavily on its technology teams to continually upskill on new technologies to iterate on their user experience and deliver on strategic objectives for the business.

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With Pluralsight, TeamHealth launched its first Innovation Lab to see how they could automate their medical billing processes by developing and applying skills in machine learning and AWS. Two teams of technologists from TeamHealth worked in parallel for a week to attain the skills they needed using customized channels, assessments, hands-on labs and learning analytics from Pluralsight Skills to rapidly close the knowledge gap and produce functioning prototypes. The selected prototype was developed with the future realization of $5 million in cost savings by automating the system to create more efficiencies and a better user experience for physicians and staff.

“To support our mission of delivering quality care, producing the highest quality user experience and technologies to support our clinicians is of the utmost importance. Fundamental to our ability to deliver on it all is our team and empowering them with the technology skills they need to provide that quality experience,” said Amanda Kiser, Head of EIT, Architecture, Innovation & Strategy at TeamHealth. “We believe individual innovation is just as important as company and product innovation. Technology is not stagnant, and in order to stay ahead of the curve and meet our strategic technology objectives, we enable team members to invest in themselves by skilling up in the technologies of tomorrow with Pluralsight as our trusted partner.”

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The success of the Innovation Lab focused on attaining machine learning and AWS skills has opened up a pathway in 2021 for TeamHealth to launch other Innovation Labs focused on core technology objectives for the business. They are also implementing Pluralsight into their strategic planning process so they can evaluate their core competencies and potential opportunities and then build skills paths to drive skilling up in those areas of focus. Pluralsight is now helping TeamHealth quickly develop projects internally by skilling up team members to meet those needs and producing products that they previously couldn’t produce because they didn’t have the skills to do so. TeamHealth’s investment in Pluralsight is also boosting team member satisfaction by knowing they are valued and being invested in through opportunities to learn new skills for the business.

“Our team really values the investments we are making in them with Pluralsight to advance their technology capabilities and they are proud to know they aren’t just learning for learning’s sake, but to make a real impact on the business,” said Jared Meredith, Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture at TeamHealth. “Our recent Innovation Lab and the prototypes we built is a great example of how you can align skill development to meet critical objectives with a clear ROI for the business. Pluralsight was fundamental in our ability to close our skill gap in machine learning and AWS to automate how we process data and Pluralsight will be fundamental to our future Innovation Labs to tackle our next technology objectives.”

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